Monday, March 23, 2009

The weren't just "Nearly Normal"...they were SCRUMPTIOUS!

So, I am going to start a separate blog to talk about all the Celiac happenings of my life, so you all don't have to constantly hear about gluten, and xanthum gum, and why flaxseed in bread is so darn exciting...but since that blog won't be created til tomorrow, I had to share this. Sooooooo exciting. :)

I spent forever researching gluten-free flour blends that can be used in place of all-purpose, normal flour. Every Celiac seems to have their favorite blend, and I wanted the best one gosh dang it! Finally I came across one that sounded really promising to me..."Nearly Normal All Purpose Flour". The body, tastes and textures of the flours just sounded promising, and Jules Shepard (the recipe creator) seemed to be quite the chef. So, Brian and I spent 2 nights at 4 different grocery stores buying all kinds of fun ingredients like corn flour, tapioca starch, xanthum gum, potato flour, white rice flour, cornstarch... yes...all for one all-purpose flour mix. I mixed up a batch, and last night I set out to make my favorite gooey chocolate cookies. The ones I grew up on. The cookie of all cookies. Nice and crisp on the outside, gooey and soft on the inside. Everything a chocolate cookie should be. We measured, mixed, and baked...Waiting waiting waiting for the timer to go off. I was actually nervous...butterflies and all. Ding...pull them out. And guess what? SO NORMAL!! Taste, texture, shape...all normal, normal, normal. I was so excited I was literally jumping around the kitchen. Brian was laughing, and hugging and thrilled to be eating yummy baked goods again. It was like a scene from...I don't know...some super cheesy Disney movie...the kind that plays in slow motion with heroic music in the background. :) he he he. LOVE it. My baking life is far from over. Thanks Jules Shepard!! :)

PS...For all you inquiring minds who want to know, the rest of the diet--not so bad either. I won't say it's not an adjustment, but definitely do-able. Dinners have been fairly normal. I still make the same recipes, adjusting ingredients here and there, experimenting when needed. Shopping is more time consuming--checking labels and finding gluten in places you'd never think is always an adventure. Lunches were tricky at first with no sandwiches and limited canned soup, but I started buying string cheese, and cottage cheese with fruit, and nuts. All in all, doing well! Thanks for all the concern and questions!


emily and nate said...

Hey...I want that chocolate cookie recipe...I think Nate would die to try them! Maybe the "normal" recipe though...:)Also, I know your diet has been going on for too long, but are you feeling the difference? Do you feel better?

Alisa J said...

yay! I am so glad that you were able to find a blend that works for all your baking goodies! That makees me so happy! So, now that you have started teh diet are you starting to feel better? I hope so!

P.S. What is your celiacs blog? I want to keep up with your celiac success!