Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

The cherry blossoms came crazy early this year. Crazy early as in a few days after the cherry blossom festival was supposed to start, they were past their peak. I can't help but feel awful for all the tourists who booked tickets to come to the Centennial Cherry Blossom Festival (it's been 100 years since Japan gave D.C 3,000 trees), and won't see a single blossom. What a crazy spring it's been.

Luckily, Brian happened to hear about the short peak time on the radio, and so we hustled our bums uptown see them at their fullest. I always love a good walk around the tidal basin with my guy, and the weather and sights were scrumptious! Here's a couple of photos for your spring-time viewing pleasure.

Happy spring everyone! I hope it's nice and long... although summer seems to be threatening an early approach here...