Saturday, June 22, 2013

It might just be a hole in the ground...

but it's our hole!

So excited. It's finally started...

Monday, June 3, 2013

Tummy Travels

I never realized how much my tummy gets around! (Hm...weird way to begin any kind of conversation, but hear me out...)  Last night Brian and I were chatting about the fun places Little Boy L has already been in his 28 short weeks of existence, and we came up with a fairly decent list: South Carolina; Washington DC; Virginia; Chesapeake Bay, MD; Salt Lake City; and the additions of the past two weekends, Disneyland, Newport Beach, Lagoon and Yuba Lake. World traveler already. Just the way we like 'em.  :)

Our 5th Anniversary celebration in Disneyland was a whirlwind of fun, exhaustion and yummy food. We spent the day (the whole day... 8:30-10:45) Saturday in Disneyland and California Adventure, riding every ride I was allowed to go on, and catching 2 amazing night shows (Fantasmic and World of Color). By mid-day, Baby L was asleep, and we didn't feel him get feisty again for a couple of days. Wore him right out (and his mommy too!).  Talk about FUN! We spent an hour or two off our feet that afternoon enjoying the incredible atmosphere of the Blue Bayou Restaurant, which was a definite highlight (isn't Pirates always a highlight?). But mostly we just ran around like two crazy kids.

Sunday was beach day, and Newport was beautiful.  We enjoyed the drive down in our awesome rental car (although, finding a parking spot was NOT fun... we ended up lucking out and getting the perfect one in the end, but we were beginning to wonder), laying on the sand, walking the boardwalk and just relaxing the day away.

Monday we were back at Disney early, where I FINALLY talked Brian into walking on to some of the big kid rides (Indy, Matterhorn and Splash Mountain).  He did them all within the first hour (reluctantly, but of us had to do it. Once I convinced him it was either him or me, he decided to get on board). Awesome!  Then we re-rode some of our favorites, introduced Baby to Mickey, enjoyed a yummy lunch and played the day away until we had to head to the airport at 4.  Awesome weekend, and awesome way to celebrate 5 years. Love my boy... boys. :)

This past weekend, we were at it again. Friday was Brian's work Lagoon day. His company had the whole park rented out, so it was fun to stroll in the zero crowds park, enjoy lunch, meet his co-workers, run into one of my best friends and her adorable family, enjoy a couple of rides and win Baby a stuffed ginger fox playing ski ball (okay, so technically I was 10 points short, but the worker took pity on the pregnant lady and bestowed a gift).

Straight from Lagoon, it was off to Yuba Lake to meet my parents for a fun weekend of camping, relaxing in the shade, scenic walks, playing games, eating yummy food and enjoying the lake.  It was lovely.

Needless to say, Baby L and I are exhausted, and plan on spending the day with our feet up. Oh-so-worth it, though, to get our summer started with such a bang!

Here's to lots more tummy and post-tummy travels!

(Oh, and as always, all our favorite photos from Disneyland and Yuba Lake are being stored on facebook ).