Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oh boy... or girl

So, funny story that I haven't got around to telling yet...

Picture a cold, early morning in December. Brian is in bed SOOOOOOOOoooooo sick and out of it (sick enough that later that day he went to the doctor, which if you know him you know means something).  This is about the time I see one too many lines on a pregnancy test, and come out to tell Brian, "Um...I think there is something you should see in the bathroom."  He seemed to catch my drift immediately, which is good because when you think about what I said the weird possibilities are endless. :)  He stumbled out of bed, confirmed the positive result and... we proceeded to pat each other on the back and side hug (literally) while he tried to contain his germs and express his excitement. It was like a scene after a basketball game: "Good game, Sport!" Before too long, I was laughing hysterically. "Not quite how I pictured us reacting to finding out we were having our first child... you?" Priceless.

So there you have it. We are having a baby!  August 24th is the estimated go-time, so at 16 1/2 weeks we don't know if it's a boy or a girl quite yet, but since we don't really have a preference either way and we've had almost all of our kids named for years and years... :)  We should be good to go. We are excited, and freaked out, and happy, and every other emotion imaginable (especially on Amber's side...ha ha ha).

The pregnancy has been great so far. I've been exhausted, but haven't had morning sickness (hallelujah... man do I feel blessed), and the doctor tells us that the baby and I look perfect.

And one more thing I should throw out there, as if that news isn't enough... Brian and I have been incredibly busy lately. (Hmm...somehow, I feel that could come across wrong. Rephrase: "Brian and I have more crazy news that has been keeping us busy"? Hmmm... oh well. Onward.)  Two weeks from today, we will roll out of our cute little apartment in a moving truck.  Headed for (drum roll please).... Utah! It's all happened super fast. When we found out I was pregnant, we started looking at job options closer to family just for fun, not really thinking anything would come of it. He applied for a perfect sounding position in the internal auditing department of, and within a couple of days had an interview. A couple weeks ago, they flew him out for another interview, and a couple days later offered him the job. It's a great opportunity, and with everything falling into place the way it is, we feel like it's being divinely orchestrated.  We are excited and happy, but also super sad to leave this beautiful area that we've called home for 5 years. We've loved it. But we also love family, so 2013 should be good to us.

How's that for turning your life completely upside down all at once? :)  This is what we do, though: start new chapters of our lives with a completely clean slate. We get married, and start completely fresh in VA. We start a family, and start completely over in UT. Looking back at how well the first 5 years of our marriage went, we think this next chapter will be awesome too.

Virginia friends, we will miss you like crazy and BEG you to keep in touch. Utah friends and family, the THREE of us will be seeing you soon!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Weekend at the Bay

When Brian handed me my Valentine this year, it was a message in an adorable purple bottle (cork and all). The rolled up message told me we were headed to a historic B&B on the Eastern Shore of Maryland the first weekend in March. So excited. And the timing of the trip couldn't have been more perfect.  After one of the most stressful, crazy weeks I can remember in quite a long time, we loaded up the car Friday morning and drove away from it all.

The Combsberry Inn in Oxford, Maryland was secluded (think Maryland country land... no neighbors... driving down a loooooong tree lined lane to get to the manor...), right on the water (the Chesapeake Bay area is beautiful), filled with migrating geese (fields and fields full), and oh-so-relaxing.

The highlights:

*Having the whole carriage house to ourselves. No one else was booked for that weekend, so the shared living space, with a fireplace and full kitchen, became ours all ours. The whole back of the house was windows, and the view of the water was scrumptious.

*Laughing as snow flurries set in at night, and then sitting by the fire chatting for hours before diving into frozen pizzas, hot chocolate, games and movies.

*Strolling through quaint St. Michaels, shivering and popping in antique shops, souvenir shops, Christmas shops and everything in-between.

*Getting let into the Maritime Museum for free, since they were closing, and getting to climb to the top of the Hopper Straight Lighthouse (which is all we really wanted to do at the Maritime Museum, so it worked out amazingly).

*Receiving an oh-so-cute breakfast basket each morning, complete with gluten-free muffins, yogurt, and mason jars of delicious orange juice and fresh fruit.

*Having Brian say to me the morning we checked out, " now that we're leaving I can say this. Sleeping here at night scared the bajeebies out of me!"  I couldn't believe it, especially considering the night before we'd heard a noise out in the living area, and he'd stormed out ready to take on the bad guy.  Hilarious. I'm not sure why he'd be scared: sleeping in a mostly glass house, in the middle of nowhere, pitch black all around, no cell service... seems safe to me. :)

All in all, the perfect weekend away. Couldn't have asked for a better gift. Or hubbie. Just love.

As always, more photos on facebook.