Monday, June 29, 2009

Halee & Trever's Big Day-June 22

Brian and I were in Utah last week for my sister Halee's wedding, and we had a ton of fun. We headed out Friday, and the wedding was Monday, so it was great to be able to run around doing last minute wedding stuff with the happy bride in the days before the wedding. And it was fun to be able to be part of the Gotberg family tradition the Saturday before the wedding: all of the girls (Mom, Me, Ha, Car and Meg) go get pedicures. We take up all the seats in the salon, and without fail, my dad shows up midway through with a camera. :) Unfortunately, I don't have those photos, but trust's fun and funny and crazy and memorable and everything in between.

ANYWAY, the wedding went well, family and friends came out in droves (we loved seeing you guys!), the bride looked gorgeous and happy, and I managed to keep my bridesmaid dress free of chocolate until the last 30 all in all, it was a success! :) Here's some pictures of the big day, compliments of Brian. (Yes...not only did he manage to run around the reception center with me checking on the food, and the gifts, and the guests...but somehow, he also managed to think to take pictures. I came away from this weekend reminded yet again that I have an amazing husband. :))

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Halee and Trever! Thanks for letting us be part of your special day! We love you guys!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What we've been up to...

I realized yesterday that I haven't really had a post saying what we've been doing with ourselves for awhile. And that made me stop and think, "Huh...what HAVE we been up to lately?" And that's when I remembered the library book sale we accidentally found a week or so ago. Fill a bag of books for $3. Needless to say, reading has been the relaxing activity of choice around here for the past little bit. :)

I guess there was the "Salon Night from Down Under" too. I wanted to get my hair done for Halee's wedding this weekend. She usually highlights and cuts me, but I didn't want the bride to have to worry about it the day before her wedding. So, I called around and was aghast...yes...aghast (I hope that word works here) at the prices. So, I decided I'd highlight it with an at-home kit, and then just go get it cut. Let's just say, the results were not good. I think Halee summed it up best when I called her panicking an hour after.

"Orange? Like a tiger?"

Yes. Orange like a tiger. Luckily, she's a genius, and told me how to mix up and apply a toner. Now I look fairly normal. But I WILL be waiting for her to cut my hair when I'm in town this weekend. And I'll never be doing a hair-at-home night again. To top off my spa night, I decided to do a facial too, with a new "Smooth Away" system. You rub a little pad all over your face and, hair. So...can I just say ingrown hairs galore, and leave it at that? I'm going to show up at the wedding looking like a teenager, zit-faced tiger. Sigh. :) At least the epsom salt foot soak went well (it's supposed to help with my magnesium levels with the whole Celiac thing)... so I guess the pampering night wasn't a complete disaster.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hovering Round the Grand Canyon, random...but have any of you out there seen the motorized wheelchair commercial with that "Tom Kruse" guy that says, "Where will you go next with your new chair?" and then shows two elderly people in their electric wheelchairs right on the edge (I mean, right on the edge) of the Grand Canyon?

Does this make anyone else crack up every time they see it, or is it just me? :) Seriously. I hold it together for most of the rest of the commercial, but when the Grand Canyon flashes up, and I start imagining the elderly ladies power-chairing right up to the edge of the cliff...I lose it. That's all.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ode to Costco

Concrete and dark, yes, but beautiful too,

Without you, without you...what would we do?

There's many, oh so many things, we've learned at your feet,

I.E: buying T.P only once in the first year of marriage is sweet.

Without you we'd never have known about Bri's stacking skills,

And our wallets would have far, far fewer bills.

Alas, without you we would have set a very low bar,

for exactly how high our linen closet shelves are.

Yes thanks to you Costco, our backsides are well pleased,

And we've also experienced the joy of the world's most scrumptious cheese.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Growing Garden

Impatience (that glitter when the sun hits them), Marigolds (I'm not a fan usually, but these ones were so bright and happy!), some cool fuzzy things with neon tips (ha ha ha...yeah...I'm a pro-gardener, can't ya tell?), a Yellow Sweet Pepper (yum, yum, yuuuuuuuum), and our pride and joy: an Azalea shrub. I highly recommend over-buying dirt if you decide to plant a tomato plant...the leftovers are such a great excuse to go crazy! :)

A Big Day for Tink

Tink's Utah registration expired yesterday, so she got a little wardrobe change. She's officially a woodland fairy now. I'm not quite sure how she feels about it, so we tried to be gentle... :)