Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Caribbean Cruise

Man...don't vacations just fly by?! They go WAY TOO FAST! Our first anniversary cruise is officially over, and we had an absolute blast! I don't know what was more fun...having Brian off work for 7 days straight, or visiting Cozumel, Costa Maya, Belize and Nassau. (Ok...I was having Brian all to myself! :)) We saw and did some pretty cool things. Here are the highlights:

*Mayan Ruins: We got to see some sites in Talum (also home of the most gorgeous beach we saw the whole fun to swim in that water!), and also in Belize. The ones in Belize were probably our favorite for a few reasons: they were older (dating from 1500BC), they were in the rain forest, and we got to climb them! Awesome!

*Getting "lost" in Costa Maya: Brian and I wanted to escape the touristy village right off the boat, so we took a short taxi ride to a little fishing village a few miles away, and spent the day visiting shops, and laying on the beach. So fun. (Loved getting to hear Brian use his Spanish with all the villagers.) Once we finished, we decided to walk back to the boat, because we could see it, and because we wanted to spend the time outside looking at the ocean, not in a cab. So, we started off down the trail. Right as we should have been hitting the touristy village, the path ended with a fence. A worker on the other side told us to follow the fence around, and we'd be able to get in. So we followed, only to find that the trail ended, we were trudging through bushes and forest and ant hills (yep...Bri got attacked...) and the fence led to nowhere. So, we back tracked and decided to just follow the really rocky, really dirty coastline back to the pier (seriously, apparently NO one can keep their shoes on their feet when they're on a boat, because I've NEVER seen that many washed up shoes in my life!). We were doing well, until we reached "the wall". Yes, there was a big concrete wall dividing the part of the beach we were walking from the tourist village! So, into the water we went! When we reached the other side of the wall, we were immediately greeted by security, asking to see our boat cards! :) Loved it. What an adventure and memory.

*Nassau tour: In the Bahamas, we tracked down a tour guide I'd read about on the internet (yes, tracked him down. :) We had to talk to all kinds of taxi drivers, and even make a phone call, but eventually we found him!) Good ole Otis took us on an INCREDIBLE three hour tour of the island. We saw 2 forts, waded at a beautiful beach, shopped at local souvenir stands, saw poor, middle class, and rich neighborhoods, and then...the topper. He took us to Paradise Island to see the famous Atlantis Resort. Holy cow! AMAZING. We even got to see part of their aquarium, with giant fish and huge manta rays.

*Carnival Glory: We loved our boat! It had an amazing lounge where all the shows were held (named Amber Palace, ironically enough...I think this vacation was meant to be :)). The comedy shows and magic shows were amazing. We took a line dancing class one afternoon, and it must have inspired Brian, because right after he went and won second place in a free-throw contest. :) Brian dragged me down the water slide by the pool...a few times (he was like a little kid in a candy shop). And the mini-golf course on top of the boat was fun fun fun.

Of course, our vacations had some mishaps too (that, of course, made the memories). Besides getting lost in Costa Maya, there was also...

*The "flooding seat" episode. As we got on a little boat to tender to the shore of Belize, it was pouring rain. POURING. But no worries...we found a nice, enclosed seat, and the boat started off. As soon as we started moving, water flooded in right on our seat...poured in...sprayed in. No where else around us...just on ours. Luckily, we jumped out of the way in the nick of time--but not without giving everyone around us a good laugh. :)

*The darkest sky we've ever seen closed in on us at the beach in Costa Maya...seriously, we were a little scared. Oddly enough, the storm completely skirted us! When we got back on the boat, our dinner friends told us they got poured on at their excursion...but not a drop for us! Guess Brian was meant to enjoy his special, Mexican apple soda.

*Not really a mishap (maybe more of a bragging point), but we learned that there is a fish called the Amber Jack. Apparently, it's a yummy yummy fish when it's little, but when it gets big it's poisonous. That's right...if you eat it, your hair will fall out, and you'll be one sick cookie. Ba ha ha ha ha ha (evil little laugh) out everyone, cuz I think I'm about full grown!

*Then there was the fact that the first day I almost became the only person in the history of the earth to starve to death on a cruise ship. :) he he he...They hadn't quite figured out the diet yet, and MAN was I sick of fruit and salad! :) After that first day, though, dinners were awesome.

*We came back to reports of swine flu and warnings to stay out of Mexico. Oops. :) Luckily, we avoided contact with the virus...we think... :)

All in all...mishaps and good times...AMAZING! What a great way to celebrate an incredible first year together. Can't wait for year number two!

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Message for the Birthday Boy:

Happy Birthday Brian!

I think your birthday card might just say it best: "Of all the millions of husbands I could have gotten, I ended up with YOU...How's that for getting lucky?"

You are an AWESOME husband, and the best friend I could ever imagine. I have so much fun with you and learn so much from you. I couldn't imagine a better life. You honestly amaze me every day. I'm a blessed, blessed girl, and I can't wait for year number two!

HAPPY 27TH BIRTHDAY!!! I love you!

Did the Easter Bunny Come?!?

Click here for a great video about the true meaning of Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! We hope all our friends and family had an amazing holiday.

It was a good one here. We had a great church program, a birthday to celebrate (Happy Birthday Bri!), and a yummy ham dinner. All hallmarks of a great Easter.

The night before Easter we dyed our eggs, and discovered that despite all the work that went into creating two-toned, half-and-half eggs, we both actually prefer the bright solid ones. (Ah...marriage... when you get all excited about learning something that little about someone. :))

We also learned, the hard way, that the little egg dipstick IS actually important. I went to church the next day looking like I had a fungus of some kind. :) At least it matched my Easter dress! :) (Yes, the fun tradition of Easter dresses continues. Thanks Mom and Dad!!)

Easter morning we discovered that the Easter Bunny had come. My basket was quite possibly the best ever--not just yummy gluten-free candy, but also the Twilight DVD and a book light! Yes, a book light!!! I can now read in bed after Bri's asleep. The Easter Bunny knows me well! :)

As we sat around eating the big dinner we made together, we realized that this was the first holiday that we've spent on our own (well...except for New Years). It's always fun to be around family, and we missed them. Especially as this was my first year ever not being at home for Easter. But it was kinda fun to be starting our own traditions too. Made our little "family" seem like...well...a little family! :)

Now, how about some full-blown spring weather?!!