Thursday, August 9, 2012


We ALMOST spent the whole month of July apart... 3 weeks will really have you missing your love dove.

  • Amber ALMOST got enough snuggling time with her new nephew, Harper...

....and baby Britt. ALMOST.

  • Brian ALMOST spent enough on golf to feed a small country. Many thanks to Derek, his work buddy, who kept him happy and entertained.

  • Amber ALMOST figured out the mischievous minds of two adorable two year olds... right. Who am I kidding. Didn't even come close. But we did have fun.

  • Brian ALMOST started his new cholesterol lowering workout plan...watching hours of Olympic athletes work their bums off counts, right? My all-American boy is a fan of all things red, white and blue...including the Olympics.

  • Amber ALMOST brought home a cat. I know, "GASP" from those of you who know my thoughts on cats. But this little girl found her way to our house after being scared by 24th of July fireworks, wouldn't leave, was still out back the next morning (the milk might have helped), followed me around all day (the turkey might have helped), and immediately became my stand-in snuggle partner. I was starting to plan how I was going to fly home with her, when my dad's neighborhood sleuthing skills paid off--apparently it was our neighbors right across the street. They were out of town and had no idea she had gotten out of the house. Boo. But the whole experience did lead to ALMOST the funniest, evolving sign ever. Me and my dad had fun surprising each other with additions throughout the next couple of days.

  • Brian ALMOST missed Amber's cooking...but not quite. He decided to become quite the gourmet himself, making from-scratch meals like herb-roasted chicken, and shrimp stir-fry. Keeper alert. Keeper alert.

  • Amber ALMOST got "food poisoning" and couldn't make her flight home when cute little Tre Tre cooked for her her last morning, and said, "Bye Aunt Am. Love you."  Sniff.

  • Amber's parents ALMOST confused her for their Thanksgiving turkey, making it their sole mission to fatten her up with all kinds of gluten-free goodness. My goodness, I am going through Eleanor Bakery withdrawals (no cupcakes and cake pops I've ever had, gluten free or not).

  • Brian ALMOST had enough work to keep him completely occupied. The extra proposal work lending to some 16+ hour days definitely helped. Ugh.

  • Amber ALMOST felt young again while playing at Bear Lake for a week... besides the back pain from water skiing and hiding from the sun like a 90 year old.  Gourmet camping food ( mom is amazing), taking Londyn on her first tube ride, hunting for frogs with Mom, catching glimpses of skunks and bunnies, seeing extended family I haven't seen in ages, bike riding around the area, late night games and movies and relaxing with the parents... all delightful.

  • Brian was ALMOST kidding when he called me mid-way through the trip to say they had released us from our Sunday School calling while I was gone, and called him to be first counselor in the young men's organization and me to be first counselor in the young women's. I thought it was a joke, but apparently you CAN have a young womens calling in all 3 wards of your adult life, and apparently they CAN call you while you're out of town. :) We're both excited...we love working with the youth, and doing it together will be a blast. ALMOST made everyone in our ward throw up a bit in their mouths from the sheer cuteness of us standing up together in sacrament meeting, and the congregation sustaining us to the same calling. We should've been wearing our matching outfits.:)

  • Amber ALMOST cried when sending her little brother, Kianoa, off on a mission to Nicaragua. She held it together, but his awesome farewell talk didn't make it easy. His sisters, Mel and Miss, were my next door neighbors growing up, and the big sisters I never had from the age of 2 on.

  • Brian was ALMOST jealous that he wasn't a Utahn when he heard about our killer July 24th celebration. Who doesn't love the excuse for fireworks and a BBQ twice in July?

  • Amber ALMOST saw everyone she wanted to see while she was in town...but not quite. I LOVED seeing those I did get to play with, though. It's always so nice to spend time with the people who have known me forever and still love me. (Side note: I ALMOST took the photos of me and Em, and me and Kristy that I meant to take...with the camera that was in my purse. Duh.)

  • After 3 weeks, Brian was ALMOST ready to have me home (ha ha...the lack of golf will be hard for him, but I think he'll survive), and I was ALMOST ready to go home (good thing I love my hubbie so much, or it might not have happened. :)).

All in all, fun and busy July. And that's all I have to say! ALMOST... all the photos from my trip are HERE, if you're interested.