Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baltimore & The Big Apple...orchard

So, we learned a couple of things this weekend.

First, (and perhaps most importantly) don't ask Brian to pull a face like a jellyfish, or this is what happens:

Second, I must not be as cute as Brian is always saying I am (I know...I know...we're all shocked :)). If I was, this guy definitely would not have rejected me (yes, rejected by the huge, ugly, monster-like fish of the tank...over and over and over...he kept looking through the glass sticking his lips right there, but the second I'd lean in, he was history...):

Yes, it was an educational, fun and busy weekend. Friday, I met Brian at his work, and we spent the evening exploring Baltimore. It's a pretty cool city--Brian loved it. He's quite the harbor/water/boat/ocean type of guy. I really enjoyed it too, but I must admit: Old Town has ruined me. I don't think I'll ever love another city again. :) After sight seeing, we spent some time hanging out with the fishies, and birds, and frogs, and sharks (sooooo creepy), and dolphins (who performed in an awesome dolphin show) at the National Aquarium. It was really, really cool!

Saturday was a tradition day for me and Bri. I LOVE traditions--I guess I'm a sentimental kind of gal, but there's nothing quite like that nostalgic feeling that hits you when you're smack dab in the middle of a tradition. I think that's been one of the funnest parts about being in year 2 of our marriage...we've started recognizing the things that will probably be OUR traditions. (I say "probably" cuz a tradition can't be forced...that just defeats the purpose, don't ya think? They should just...happen!) Some of them have carried on from our families (i.e. pumpkin stew on Halloween), some of them were started years ago when we were dating (i.e. flicking the porch lights when one of us is driving away), and some of them are just things that we've done and loved and want to keep fall APPLE PICKING!!!

We tried a new farm this year, which turned out to be a good thing. It was closer, and right as we were finishing up and heading to the car, DOWNPOUR for the rest of the day! We got in all the picking we wanted to, and even found a couple of perfectly shaped pumpkins. :)

Yep...somehow I just think that romantic autumn walks through an orchard is something we'll be doing for quite a while.... :)

Oh, and did I mention, it's been officially fall for a week now?!!!!!! HAPPY AUTUMN EVERYONE!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Paddled our Bums Off

Or, I guess, pedalled our bums off. Either way, my bum is history. :) ha ha ha. Right. Don't I wish. Anyway. I digress...

Saturday was a gorgeous day in D.C--sunny, cool breeze, perfect temperatures. So, we decided to check a fun outdoor activity off our list. A fun hour of paddle boating around the tidal basin was just what we needed. It was really, really neat--even if my bum was a bit sore the next day. :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Checkin off the list...

So, Brian and I have this list of things we want to do while we're in the area. It's HUGE! So much to see and do in DC and the surrounding cities! But we feel like we're finally starting to scratch the surface. This weekend we checked off the Old Town Farmer's Market, and... Ben's Chili Bowl. :) Apparently it's famous. Obama ate there, which is apparently saying something? And a sign behind the counter proclaims that Bill Cosby eats there for free, and that it's been "Black Owned and Operated since 1953." It's a landmark, and they are supposed to serve up the best chili dogs anywhere. Brian thought they were pretty tasty. I enjoyed their Sprite immensely. :)

We decided to try them out because we were in the area doing the 9-11 National Day of Service with a group from Brian's work. We got to help garden at a house for homeless women with AIDS. It was pretty weather, and fun to work outside a bit for a good cause. Me and Bri had our very own section that we were in charge of (hopefully his coworkers don't think we're "special" now, what with all the congratulatory high-fives, and "Ooooo...look at those roots! Good job babe!" comments that were going on :)) We were asked to pull out all the clover ...and also a really really pretty ground cover that had purple flowers. I was a bit sad about it, actually, because I think it looked better before we started, but the owner wanted it gone it was. :) From wild English garden to... nicely mulched mound? :) Brian managed to think to snap this picture with his camera phone. I was feeling pretty proud of myself at the moment--I pulled out one of the roots of this plant, and stuff just kept coming. Before I knew it, I'd unearthed a big ole bush of purple-flowering stuff. Yes, they call me Sheera Warrior Princess. :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Let Fall Begin!!!!!

So, by this point we all know how giddy I get during the fall. Well, fall is pretty much, almost, kinda officially starting here in good ole Alexandria. The weather the past week has been breezy, in the high 60s and 70s, and a couple of trees are loosing their leaves ('s mostly the ones that are trying not to die, but still...there are leaves on the ground). I am getting sooooooooo ready to put up my fall decorations tomorrow after cleaning day! Hip hip hooray!!

Brian added to my insanity with a genius idea Saturday morning. He told me we were rolling out of bed early, and heading to Old Town Alexandria to browse the farmer's market. Now, you have to understand, if I'm a crazy person about fall, I'm only slightly less crazy when it comes to Old Town. The houses are revolutionary period, and something about walking the streets just...feels fall-y! Brian and I are both crazy about it. (In fact, we've decided that with our first $5 million we shall buy a fall home in Old Town. Yes, that's the plan. Ha ha ha ha.) So, a farmer's market to kick off autumn in Old Town was perfect!

The peaches are to DIE FOR, and the asian pears...oh my. :) Let the season begin!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And please remember, these pictures were taken early in the morning, before a shower...ha ha ha. Who am I kidding? I'm not photogenic anytime of the day. But that's's practically fall!!!)
This little guy was clinging to Tink when we left saying, "I want to come too! I want to come too!" Sorry little stick man. No such luck.
There was an art festival going on, so strolling through it holding my boy's hand after picking out the fruit was a treat too. :)
Our booty. Well, you know, booty as in "what we got" not as in...well. Anyway.

Useless trivia of the day (that's actually kinda cool): The farmer's market in Old Town is thought to be one of the nation's oldest continually operating farmer's markets. People have been selling their goods there since 1753!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lucky 7

What do you do with 7 Johnsons all under one roof for an entire Labor Day Weekend? EAT, PLAY, SITE-SEE, EAT AND SITE SEE SOME MORE! That's what! And technically, we weren't all under one roof I suppose...Brian's parents were kind enough to get a hotel nearby so we didn't have to go through the embarrassment of asking 4 adults to share our "spare bedroom" (read, "living room/dining room/kitchen, complete with a queen blow up air mattress" :) Thanks Danna and Larry!) Talk about a fun, busy weekend! 7 lucky ducks, spending our extra time bumming around the awesome sites and sounds of the nation's capital!

Brian's brother Scott, his wife Alisa and baby Kinsey were new to all the sites, so it was a blast showing them around and seeing their reactions to everything. And Danna and Larry took us out to some scrumptious meals at the end of the long days, which was very appreciated! We saw the monuments, a couple of the museums, Old Town, the Archives, the Library of Congress... and just enjoyed being around everyone!

Oh, and can't forget the biggest highlight for the boys...watching BYU win the number 3 team in the nation on the hotel TV! Go cougars!!! (And I'm sure Brian would add, "Go cable".)

Thanks for making the long trek out Johnsons! We really enjoyed having you!

Here's some of the pictures!