Monday, June 11, 2012

We've been hearing some things lately...

Things like...

*The funniest man alive, Brian Regan, romping around the stage at the lovely Warner Theater, with us laughing hysterically in the background. Seriously, I was weeping mascara.

*Daughtry, Trace Adkins, Natalie Cole & Jessica Sanchez saluting our troops at the National Memorial Day Concert (broadcast on PBS).

*The sound of Legally Blond 2 wafting on the breeze over the National Harbor. Friday night outdoor movies with an amazing view... yes please.

*"One Enchanted Evening" drifting over to us as we picnicked, and then star gazed on our blanket at Wolf Trap. The performance of South Pacific was really good, and I think the lawn seats made it better.

*Pat Benatar ROCKING it out at the Celebrate Fairfax Festival. Holy Hannah, that lady is amazing. LOVED HER. In the background of "We Belong", we also heard, "Whoa! She's awesome!" (Brian); "Oooooo! Look at the fire flies!" (Me); "No way she's 60!" (Brian, developing a new music crush); "THIS IS AWESOME!" (Both of us, in unison, while doves soared overhead and fireworks exploded... just least about the doves. We really were quite dorky about it all, and there really were fireworks.)  "It's our song! Wow. We've come full circle, haven't we?" (Me. You see, freshman year before the mission "We Belong" got blasted through a certain dorm after a certain someone met Brian NONSTOP. The RA even commented on how much our apartment liked Pat Benatar. Hearing it performed live 11 years later, with us together, happy and snuggly... lovely.)

All in all, I would have to say we're loving the sounds of summer! The another story. :)