Friday, March 13, 2009

She's Crazy

So, I thought I'd share two funny stories that had me laughing pretty hard. (Then again, I AM sleep and gluten deprived, so I'm not promising too too much!)

Yesterday I was sitting with one of my new first graders while he worked on his reading comprehension test. He's pretty bright, and was cruising through it, so I was a little surprised when he suddenly stopped and started giggling, then laughing, then laughing his head off. He started mumbling something to the other kids, and so I asked him what was so funny. I could barely understand his answer because he was laughing so hard.
"There's a girl in this story named Dora!"
Still not knowing what was so funny, I said, "Oh yeah?"
"Yeah!" Laughing, laughing, laughing. "We know a girl named Dora. I don't like her."
Trying to change the subject before things got mean, I said, "Oh. The only Dora I know is the one on TV."
He said, "Yeah. That's the one WE know too. She's crazy."
I was intrigued! A little kid who didn't like Dora? WHAT! "She's pretty silly, huh?"
"No...she's CRAZY." He was pretty serious now.
"Crazy? What do you mean?"
"Well, she sits and talks to you, and then she asks you lots of questions...and even if you don't answer, SHE ACTS LIKE YOU DID!"

Ha ha ha ha ha... speaking of crazy, my second "Kids say the darndest things" story:

Brian and I are the "Child Care Specialists for the Ward Choir". (BEST calling EVER. No question.) So, our first week, the only kid there was an oh-so-cute 4 or 5 year old little girl named Lizzie. Her and Brian instantly hit it off, and she didn't really want much to do with me. She was perfectly content showing Brian all her My Little Ponies (and I think he was pretty into it too...:) ). I wanted to be part of the fun, so I kept asking her silly questions to try to draw her out and get a little bond going. (Ya know...the type where you put the pony on your head, and say, "OOOOHHH...I get it...this is a hat, right?" :)). She would give me a very patronizing smile for a 5 year old, patiently answer, and then go back to playing with Brian. Finally, I said something so silly that I had Brian laughing, and he turned to Lizzie shaking his head and said, "She's crazy!"
The next couple of weeks, Lizzie completely turned on me. She wouldn't sit by me, answer me, or even look at me. I didn't understand what in the world was going on. All I knew was that she wanted nothing to do with me. So, I let her play with Brian and took care of the other kids. Finally, on like week 3, Brian was busy with a baby, and I had to be the one to entertain Lizzie. She was sitting at the table coloring, and I went and sat with her. After kinda scooting away, she went into her usual mode of ignoring me. But I persistently talked to her about her pretty dress, and the picture she was coloring, and her new little sister. She finally started warming up, and by the end of the hour I felt like we were on track to being friends.
I still wasn't quite sure why she'd been so strange with me the last couple of weeks, until she ran over to Brian during clean-up time and said, very seriously, "She doesn't SEEM crazy."
Brian laughed and said, "What?"
Pointing in my direction Lizzie repeated, "She doesn't SEEM crazy."
Yah. My husband had a little girl actually thinking I was literally off my rocker. We got a good laugh out of that one. But really, was she that far off? :)


emily and nate said...

What? Your'e NOT crazy? Oooga Booga, I think you are...

Zach and Car said...

Can I have Lizzie's number? I feel it's my duty to call and reconfirm that you are, in fact, crazy :) But then again... we're all a little crazy in this family 8| muhahahaha!!! PS London is kicking her little legs off. And by little I mean "the bone is measuring just over 3 centimeters long". (according to the radiologist ;)) DANG IT! I shouldn't have quoted and just let you think I was oober smart! Blew it.

Val said...

I can totally see Brian joking with Lizzie...and then she's petrified of visiting the crazy lady during ward choir. How funny. Lizzie is a very pretty.

Exciting to hear (from the comment) your sister is having a girl!