Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy 24th of July!

We celebrated the 24th by eating so much delicious BBQ that I thought I was going to pop, and then lighting off fireworks in the front yard. Tons of fun.

We also realized that baby Linc is scheduled to arrive in ONE MONTH!!!! Aughhhhhhhhh! (That's a shriek of excitement and sheer terror... all rolled into one.)  We can't believe it, but thought it deserved a belly shot to document the day.

Hope you all enjoyed your Pioneer Day!

Well, Mr. Lincoln Alexander...

there are some things you should know. First, Mommy and Daddy sincerely apologize for the trendiness of Alexander that is about to commence, and promise that we had you named long before the royal baby madness. :) We named you after the city where the three of us got our start--good ole Alexandria, VA--and since we love it, and have already embroidered your name on your quilt... you are stuck as one of the masses. :) 

That's right... embroidered your name on the quilt. Mommy said it, and Mommy doesn't sew (which you probably guessed after hearing her growl, shriek and do everything but throw a sewing machine across the room while working on her little sewing projects for weeks and weeks). But you are oh-so-loved, and Mommy wanted you to have something made by her, just for you. So here they are; your little quilt, receiving blanket, and burp cloths (the cute decorative corners and name band on the quilt might or might not have come about to disguise major sewing mistakes, but you didn't hear that from me). 


Much love baby boy. We'll see you in a month!