Monday, July 2, 2012

Never again...

will we take a/c and modern conveniences for granted. NEVER. That is a promise. We just spent from Friday night to late Sunday night with no power thanks to the huge, crazy storm that hit the mid-Atlantic, downed tons of trees and killed 13 people.  We've been setting heat records here lately, and with heat indexes over 100, it was a hot time in the old town. We spent the "weekend" walking malls, riding around in the car with the a/c cranked, "sleeping" in a sweltering apartment, taking cold showers, eating at Wendy's (couldn't eat what was in the fridge, and Wendy's was open and gluten free), driving some more, conserving our cell batteries, hanging in our clubhouse (which mysteriously had power), missing the internet, lighting all the candles I have stock piled (I TOLD Brian owning one-million different scents wasn't crazy), being very pink faced and wondering what level of headache qualifies as heat stroke. :)  It was... an adventure. Even better was that there was no end in sight. The power companies were talking about "catastrophic damages" and predicting up to one full week before everyone had power back. We. Would. Have. DIED. Lucky for us, we were one of the lucky ones that only had to go two days. You would've liked my celebration dance when we spied the lights in our building come on from the clubhouse. A thirty year old woman skipping down the middle of the street shrieking is nothing but attractive.

While I had to work from the library today because our internet was out til this afternoon, and we're still dealing with spotty cell coverage (sorry if we miss your call), we are nothing but grateful today. Thanks goodness for living in the modern age!

(One more good piece of news that I know will shock any regulars of this blog: the trees, branches and flying debris seem to have completely missed Tink and Soph2... no joke. Stunned. We were stunned.)