Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dear Baby Boy...

Call it wishful thinking, but Daddy and I have already noticed some pretty amazing things about you while you've been floating around doing your thing in my tummy.

First, you're such a good little guy. We like to think that you have something to do with the fact that Mommy never got morning sickness, but even if not, you definitely have been responsible for avoiding her bladder. I love you for steering clear, and not making me run for a bathroom any more than usual. You are a sweet, mellow baby, and every ultrasound we've had shows you contentedly sucking your thumb, or gently tapping your umbilical cord with your little toes, or even kissing the inside of Mommy's tummy.  No crazy flips, or acrobatics or somersaults.  Just mellow rolls and ankle crossing. You always gently tap, and never pummel Mommy (except when I eat Indian food, then craziness ensues. We don't know if this means you love it and can't contain your excitement, or hate it and think you are being poisoned... but the one time I ate it, you were going crazy enough that I thought you might be in distress). Daddy likes to proudly say that you're a good little guy who treats his mommy right. We're hoping all this means that you have Daddy's easy-going temperament, and not that you're saving up all your energy for when you come out and meet us.

You are always content to let Mommy do her thing, and seem to be especially content (or lulled into comatose-like sleep... take your pick) on the days she takes her long morning walks with PaPa. When Daddy and I went to Disneyland last weekend, you happily tagged along for a 8:30am-10:45pm day of riding rides and standing in lines, even though I probably didn't take breathers as often as I should have. I like to joke that the only time you seem to get a bit moody and insistent is when I've gone a bit too long between meals...just like your daddy.  You like your food, and you like it in a timely manner. Once you're fed, the nudging usually stops, and you're back to your happy go lucky self.

When you were just starting out and only weeks old, you LOVED your vegetables. The one "pregnancy craving" moment your mommy remembers was in the middle of the night while at the in-laws house for Christmas. I was suddenly starving and HAD to have veggies--to the point that I was almost in tears. Daddy sweetly snuck out of bed and came back with a whole plate of celery sticks, carrots, pickles, peppers, broccoli, and some gluten free ranch dressing he'd somehow wrestled up. I was in heaven, and DEVOURED the WHOLE plate of veggies in no time flat. Unfortunately, in the months since then you went through a long stage of HATING veggies (eating them was torture for Mommy), and then being lukewarm about them, which is weird since I've always loved them before you came along. Luckily, your aversion has been improving the past month or so.

Your favorite food throughout has been anything dairy. You had me a bit concerned during the stage when I was eating cereal for breakfast, yogurt and string cheese for a late morning snack, a cheese sandwich for lunch, cottage cheese and pears for an afternoon snack and a big glass of milk with some kind of cheesy dinner. But you've become a bit less ravenous for the moo the last few months.

Daddy seems to have the same magical, calming effect on you that he has on Mommy. He didn't get to feel you move for quite awhile because whenever you were a tappin' and I'd get Daddy's hand to the spot, you'd instantly stop.

You are almost 28 weeks old now, and the past 5 weeks or so you've been growing like a weed. The past couple of weeks, people have begun feeling comfortable asking Mommy if she is pregnant.

Me and your Aunt Meggie at 25ish weeks.
But what we've noticed most of all about you is how much you are already loved. Even though your nursery is nonexistent, and baby planning often gets put on the back burner because of the all the craziness of moving and house building, and sometimes Mommy and Daddy might seem to completely forget that a baby is on the way, we promise we are already in love. We couldn't feel more blessed and can't wait to get to know your sweet little self even better.

Mwah baby boy. We'll be seeing you soon!