Monday, August 16, 2010

Saltwater Cowboy we didn't actually see the saltwater cowboys (sad day), but we DID see the wild ponies. Right there by the road as we drove into Assateague Island, and right by the boardwalk as Brian went back to the car for chairs. Really cool.

Saturday, we were supposed to meet some friends at the beach for a day of fun. We followed their directions, and 3 1/2 hours later ended up at the other end of the island (about an hour away from where they were...hmmm...I know we're kinda dorks, but when people start sending you fake directions you start to wonder. ha ha ha). It actually worked out fabulously, though. A romantic, fun little get away for two. We spent the day playing and reading on the beach, and then drove down to meet them at the beach they were on (Chincoteague Island). They were packing up for dinner, so we decided to ditch them to explore the new beach at sunset. So pretty.

That night, we strolled the little beach town, and tried desperately to find me something gluten-free to eat that wasn't seafood... ended up at Food Lion Grocery Store, buying a microwave Pad Thai dinner to make in our microwave. Ha ha ha.

Such a fun weekend. Relaxing, sunny and beautiful. We're ready to go back!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

We No Longer Own Anything White...

Might have gotten a little busy with work lately. Might have let laundry be the first thing to slide. Might have seen our "whites" hamper completely overflowing and decided to do a big ole batch. Might have had everything in there from Brian's dress shirt, to work out tees, to...well of course all our unmentionables. Might have somehow lost my mind and decided to throw in a teal swimsuit cover-up at the last second (cuz it wasn't quite crowded enough). Being new, it might not have ever been washed before. Might have bled a bit, even with the stinkin cold water. Might have opened the wash and thought of the Jolly Green Giant, the Hulk, a grassy field...and a million other very GREEN things that I probably shouldn't associate with our "white" unmentionables. (Side note, might have been a little disturbed that some things were much greener than others, and some things weren't green at all. That kind of water circulation does not sit well with a germ-a-phobe.) Might have gone crazy with the Chlorox in a re-wash frenzy. Might have bleached almost all the green into oblivion and saved almost everything (even the bathmat Brian helped dye blue in last week's laundry adventure.) Might have celebrated while folding laundry until Brian held up a pair of my newest unmentionables and proclaimed, "Whoa! Elphaba!"

This is all hypothetical of course...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Frolicking in the Flowers (and trees...and columns...)

Sometimes you just need to take a break from work, and callings, and life and...frolic! Brian and I had hit that point this weekend, and were so glad to have time to enjoy doing our thing.

The weekend highlights were probably the picnic at the waterfront in Old Town (my hoity toity lunch meat/cream cheese wraps bombed, but the gourmet salad and chocolate covered strawberries were a hit :)), and visiting the National Arboretum. Throw in a baptism Saturday morning (love it when they are scheduled for 10am instead of mid-day), an intense jog Saturday afternoon (had to work off the Red Mango from Friday night) and a homemade pizza and movie night Saturday... all the workings of a great weekend.

Now here we are, back at Monday, refreshed and ready to dig into the craziness of yet another week!

Hope you enjoy the Arboretum pictures. It was lovely. Simply lovely.

Monday, August 2, 2010

If I were a car...

...I would be a good car. The kind of car who laughs in the face of Amber's car-debilitating aura, and continues to run anyway. The kind of car who dislikes the idea of shops and body shops. The kind of car who starts when it's supposed to start.

Apparently, our cars are not the kind of car I would be lately. At all.

Yes, believe it or not, Brian and I spent a good few hours in a car shop Saturday. For a totally new and unrelated issue (no, not related to me killing his battery, or my car overheating, or a mechanic driving my car into wasn't even related to--dare I say the word--acorns). We went to run errands Saturday and his car, cute little Soph, wouldn't start. After talking to my dad (I swear, he should start charging us by the hour), we knew it was either the starter, or the battery. But after I killed Brian's battery a couple weeks ago, my dad had me go get the battery tested, and the guy that did the testing said it was great. Apparently he's a good little tester man in the same way our cars are good little cars...because after the shop spent lots of time replacing the starter (and wanted to charge us over $300), the car was working (or not working) exactly the same as before. It was then that we were informed we needed a new battery too. And then that we had to start haggling to have them put back in our old starter, because we now weren't confident it was ever bad. Finally, after lots of time and stress headaches, we were back home with only a battery charge and installation fee. Sigh. I swear.

Good news is, it motivated us to go mini-golfing as a stress reliever that night, and found the most romantic-y course (oh la la...I know...). And...I made friends with a bunny. A tiny bunny the size of a chipmunk. So it was all worth it.

Totally unrelated (but would you expect anything else of me?): remember my favorite commercial ever...the Old Spice one? Check out this spoof by BYU: