Monday, February 3, 2014

Life After Lincoln

Travel magazines and cruise brochures get thrown into the recycle bin unread, our idea of a good night's sleep is when we're up at 5 a.m instead of 2 a.m for a first feeding, poopies and burps are celebrated with alarming intensity and feeling, every photo we've taken in the past 6 months (phone, video camera, camera or otherwise) is of one (and only one) subject, and there's a new sheriff in town who's in charge of... pretty much everything.  Life has changed since August 22nd, and most of it has been for the better. But then there's this blog...

I used to blog about anything and everything. Insignificant minutia of all kinds was featured: from squirrels attacking my car, to my love for Costco. It's all here. You can imagine my alarm when I realized the other day that another change in our lives is that I haven't blogged about the most important thing that's ever happened to us. So I'm here to change that. A very inadequate and incomplete summary of Life After Lincoln.

Mr. Lincoln Alexander is born: August 22, 2013, 1:45 a.m
Healthy, adorable and BIG (8 lbs 1 oz). We loved our time at the hospital (after the epidural, I should clarify)...the three of us got to know each other, and spent lots of special bonding time falling in love. I'll always cherish the memories.

Lincoln is blessed: October 13, 2013
Great day with lots of family, and a special, moving blessing from Daddy.

Lincoln gets his first shots: October 22, 2013
He drained the oral shot no one is supposed to like, and cried when he was poked only until Mommy picked him up. Cute little champ. Mommy and Daddy held it together too.

Lincoln's first Halloween
Mommy's little baby bear couldn't be anything else. He was juuuuuuuuuuuust right, and loved Mamie's annual party.

We all move into Lincoln's House: November 8th-13th, 2014
Talk about awesome! We are still moving in and unpacking 3 months later, haven't even started decorating and still have oh-so-much to do (like a never-ending list). But we are already loving our new neighborhood and home-sweet-home. Perfect for us.

Lincoln's first Thanksgiving
Sheer deliciousness at Mamie and Papa's.

Lincoln's first Christmas Eve
While visiting family on Christmas Eve, Lincoln was finally old enough that Mommy was ok with his cousins scrubbing up and holding him. Londyn and Britt loved getting up close and personal with their cousin for the first time.

Lincoln's first Christmas
He loved grabbing and pulling the paper, and he's still cruising around in his little red car.

Lincoln's first New Years
We had a party with Mamie, Papa, Aunt Meggie, Uncle Daniel and Cousin Emmy. Yummy snacks, games and visiting at Lincoln's house. After everyone left, Mommy and Daddy couldn't help but say, "Holy Hannah" when they looked back at 2013. New job, cross country move, first baby and new house. What a year!

Lincoln's first solid foods
It took him a couple times to eat the rice cereal, but then he loved it. Peas were never his favorite, but he ate them. Carrots were next, and he was in heaven. Now he's onto green beans and loving them. Anything food, and this kid seems to be in.

Lincoln's first word?: January 30, 2014
Mommy was a little slow getting the bottle at Aunt Meggie's house, and when she laid Lincoln on the floor to mix it, he whimpered and said, "Bah Bah".  Aunt Meg and Mommy couldn't believe their ears. He repeated the performance last night when Daddy was making his bottle, so we're beginning to wonder if he really does know what he's saying.

Life is busy. Life is different. And we wouldn't go back to life before Lincoln for anything.

Hopefully from here on out I'll keep up a bit better. There are so many things about day to day life worth remembering these days. So when little munchkin allows, I'll post about all his adorableness. You'll be so sick of hearing about him, it won't even be funny. Until then... :)