Sunday, November 2, 2008

Six Quirks (It's a novel...proceed with care...when you're bored...) I got "tagged" by my sister Carly. To be honest, I'm not quite sure what that means. Does that make me a slightly old-foagie blogger? :) I think that means I do what she did and list six quirks about me and Brian. Six is child's play, I can assure you :) We're both quite dorky, so this shouldn't be too hard. Maybe I should make everyone who wants to read this post sign an agreement first: "I promise I will still be friends with the 'special' couple, even after I am allowed to see a glimpse of what they really are." Yes...we'll use the honor code. If you keep reading, you're stuck.

#1-I absolutely can not stand having anything touch my inner elbow. Nothing. I don't care if it's a needle, a purse strap, a finger or a hot husband. I get so grossed out. It bugs me enough that when I went in for brain surgery, my biggest concern was not whether they would screw something up while they were in there (let's face it...not much they could scramble), or whether my nose would ever look the was whether they were going to put my IV in "that part of my arm". Yep, it's psychotic. I'm working on it. :)

#2-Breakfast is the meal that 99.999999% of Americans start their day with. "BreakfRast" is the meal that Brian starts his day with. Where it came from, we will never know. I used to try to figure it out, but now...well, it's kinda grown on me. One of his cute little boy quirks. :)

#3-My car is my baby. I'm a liiiiiiiiiiittle bit overprotective, and maybe a liiiiiiittle bit too attached. :) Her name is Tinkerbell (usually just Tink), and ...well, she has feelings. :) She gets parked an insane distance away from store entrances so no one can ding her, and I'm still convinced that she's been throwing attitude since I forced her to leave the comfort of her garage in Utah (although, she does have a parking spot by the woods here, and seems to like having little forest pixie friends to mingle with :) ). Tink needs friends, so I've named quite a few cars, actually: Brian's Saturn is Sophie, my dad's truck is Brutis (had to come up with a manly one to justify stealing his garage spot...a manly truck could deal with the cold... :) )... you get the idea. I'm weird.

#4-Brian is a manly, sports loving, football watching, boys' boy kinda guy. But you should hear him perform broadway musicals. :) Long car trips usually involve at least one soundtrack, and they are definitely not from my collection :). He loves Wicked, Les Mis... (ha ha ha...I just ran out of musicals, and asked him "What other ones do you sing?" He didn't want me to tell his little secret so refused to answer. I said, "I'll start listing stupid ones if you don't tell me." He responded, "Like what? Name one stupid one!" And there you have it. He likes his musicals.)

#5-I LOVE playing practical jokes. Mostly on Brian, for some reason. I've pulled some doozies over the years. For example, when he called one day, I maybe kinda told him I was in the hospital with a ruptured ear-drum, and I even had a remote control beeping sound going in the background, and I told him I'd be permanently handicapped and unable to hear in one ear. He responded, "But you're a cute handicap!" so sweetly...and then hung up on me when I told him I was kidding. Seriously, what about that wasn't funny? Yeah...I agree...none of it was funny. I felt horrible about it after, so since then my "jokes" are few and far between, and mellow. Me: "Guess what? I went shopping at the mall today and kinda went crazy." Him: "Good! What did you get?!!" Me: "Oh. I was kidding." Funny, huh? :)

#6-Brian is definitely NOT a picky eater. He's so fun to cook for. Likes pretty much anything ... except black licorice. He despises it. Won't go near it himself, and if I've been eating it no smooches for me. I didn't realize how bad the aversion was until I was popping jelly bellies into his mouth as I munched and he read earlier today. I snuck a black jelly belly in there after some orange ones (see quirk #5) and he went nuts! He was gagging, and jumping off the couch, and spitting the jelly bean into my hand, and running his mouth under the sink... Apparently he really does hate the stuff. :)

And there you have it. As if you didn't think we were odd enough. Now it's your turn. I tag everyone on my cute little blog list who wants to play! I'd love to learn your scary little quirks!


Zach and Car said...

Hooray! You did a tag :) Let's just hope that Brian doesn't combine #5 and #1 and turn into the evil male version of you hahaha (Not that you're evil... per say...) :) If he does, please let me be there!

emily and nate said...

Now that you mention are weird! Hmmm, so am I...I wonder what would happen if you put the two of us together....maybe some ooga-booga chants, and some galloping laps around the neighborhood???