Monday, November 24, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Ok, so maybe we jumped the gun just a bit, but last week we bought and set up our Christmas tree! We figure we might as well enjoy it, and since we're going to South Carolina for Thanksgiving, we want it waiting for us when we get home in all its sparkling cuteness. I have to say (total cheesehead moment coming...) it was such a blast setting up OUR tree together. Our first Christmas tree. We've decorated lots and lots of trees together over the years, but something about this one being OURS, and doing it as a married couple...ah shucks. :) It was awesome! And now I'm done making you all nauseous...promise... :)

The tree didn't start out looking like much. We were a bit concerned about the Charlie Brown-ness at first. Can we say, "Are there still some branches in the box?" :)

But after some hard work and muscle power... (man I have fun with this kid!!)

...we are pretty pleased with the results! Here's the before (loving the giant spaces) and after:

A couple days ago I went crazy with some fake pine, glittery flowers and lights, and ended up creating this contraption (Please forgive the show-and-tell. Brian and Mom wanted pictures posted, and what Brian and Mommy want, Brian and Mommy get!) :

Anyway, between the tree and garland, we're feeling pretty festive, and sparkly, and glittery, and happy around here! Hip hip hooray for Christmas!!!


Val said...

I was so excited to see that "Amber posted!" I love snooping on your exciting, romantic life.
The before and after pictures are clever. The tree really filled out beautifully.

Zach and Car said...

Never leave me on such a despairing note again! I was having anxiety wondering if Brian ever came home, if maybe you went out looking for him and never came back... I don't know my mind wanders in scary places! :( (And no, my mind was too far to think of simply picking up my phone although it didn't help when you didn't text me back... sniff sniff) I'm veeeeeeery excited to see you for the holidays missy. I'm getting all decorated and stuff! At the rate Halee is standing me up these days, you and her will see my house at the same time LOL. Really though. Come home. Or face the wrath that will await you. muhahahaha! (Sad yet adorable face that makes you miss me oh-so-terribly) Pleeeease? :) Love you Am (and Brian if you're reading)

Cutrights said...

Your tree is so cute! I love it. We started putting ours up last night, but ran out of lights (how annoying) so we shall finish tonight. I love Christmas time, my favorite time of the year. I am glad you two are doing good. Maybe we will see you when you are down for Christmas. Grandma really hopes you make it down, she keeps telling me to email you and tell you to pick a date so they can pick a date for the Christmas party, but i haven't. I figure you will make it when you can make it.

emily and nate said...


Anonymous said...

Your tree looks wonderful! How fun to set up everything together for your first Christmas of being married. I remember the magic of setting up our Christmas tree for the first time as a married couple...glad you documented it with pictures. May you enjoy setting up your tree together every year just as much as you did this year...don't lose the passes too quickly...enjoy the moments! Have fun in South Carolina for Turkey Day!

Alisha said...

Love the tree! So pretty! And I really like the ornaments hanging off the garland on the counter. I'll have to file that one away for the future. Super cute.
It was so fun seeing you guys! Hope you make it back OK!