Thursday, November 13, 2008

Where Oh Where Can My Hubbie Be?

Warning: This is going to be me whining. I don't particularly care for whiners, but I'm going to be one for just a tiny little minute. Call it isolation induced insanity kicking in--it is midnight and Brian is still at work. Yep...this is his second 15 plus hour day, and I feel horrible for him and, I must confess, a little ornery about it myself. The best part is, that the past couple of times he's called he's said they are doing (wait for it...) NOTHING. Yep. That's right. They are being kept there for hours on end in-case work becomes available. I'm sure it's more complicated than that, but in my ornery state I don't care. :) he he he.

Ok. I'm not THAT bitter. I do still realize that we are incredibly blessed to have such a good job in these tough times. In fact, our life in general, though not perfect, could definitely be a lot worse. I am still rational and grateful enough to realize that. But I just had to vent--and, more importantly, see if there's anyone out there who wants to don camouflage and help me plan and carry out an elaborate scheme to overthrow the crazy management. With me and the girls in charge, not only would there be overtime pay and normal working hours, but I believe there would also be a fair share of tea parties, bring-your-wife-to-work days, and elaborate company balls where the company foots the bill for the cocktail dress. What do you say...who's with me? :)


Val said...

Oo Oo! Pick me! I want to don camoflauge and stealthily sneak into the building and overthrow the management!

Zach and Car said...

My goodness. Do I need to come back out there and have a little one on one with the boss? Shoot Am, green isn't really my color.... but I'm sure I could find a nice shade of blue camo right? Hang in there :)

emily and nate said...

I am totally with you on this one...not that Nate has to work too many 15 hr days, but he has had his having to stay late to build a fake Gothom city for a ridiculous waste of money Halloween Party. Yeah. I'll help you if you help me.... Love ya...too bad we didn't live next door and we could make those late nights fun!

Val said...

How does this week look? I can't remember when does the busy season last through?