Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Red, Red Everywhere!

So, those of you who know me are probably wondering what's with the background ( probably have better things to wonder about, but humor me :)). I'm really not a red person. So, why was I searching for a red backdrop? I could give lots of reasons: Red was my favorite color when I was a youngster (now it's yellow). Red is the color I turn whenever I'm put on the spot in front of a group of strangers...or whenever I say something silly in front of any group...or pretty much whenever I say ANYTHING to ANY group (yes, I have a blushing problem...embarassing). Red is the color of blood, blood = vampires, vampires = Twilight, Twilight = WHOO HOO! Ok, so I'm not one of those obsessed fans, but I DID love the series and I needed another red reason. ANYWAY, none of these red reasons would adequately describe why I chose the backdrop, though. :) What does? Hmmmm...are you sure you want to know? Positive? Ok, ok, if you're going to grovel... I know you're just dying to know, so here goes... :)

The Real Reasons Behind the Red:

1-I'm obsessed with my apartment, which is in the process of being totally decked out in red, black and pale yellow. Yes, it seems like I eat, sleep and breathe decorating...and I'm loving it! But I might have become a little bit obessed with the color scheme. I'm not sure it's healthy really. But we have a matching blog... :)

2-Brian is obsessed with SC football. Yes. Obsessed. And it's fall football season. And we've never been more in shape in our lives because we spend hours in the gym so he can watch the games on cable. And I'm not allowed to wear orange because it's their rival's color. And their mascot is a gamecock (yeah...a far as I can figure that's a fancy name for a rooster...) And their color is red. Wait...I apologize... "garnet". Their color is "garnet".'s the way I see it--do the blog in red (er, "garnet"...if he asks, this blog is "garnet") and he'll be much more likely to completely overlook all the embarassing and candid stories I plan on posting about him. :) I love you baby! Go cocks!

3-The Stars. Let's face it... me and Brian are counting a lot of lucky stars lately. And wishing on stars a lot less. We feel so blessed and are just...happy! Hopefully this blog will let you see a glimpse of that happiness... I think I'll back track, and post some pictures of the wedding and honeymoon, so if you're interested they'll be up soon. (Thanks to Kristy and Mel and Alisha for the pictures...of the wedding...not the honeymoon...that would just be weird. :) We're so glad to have them!)

Anyway, that's all for now. The rest of the posts will be shorter. Thanks for reading. Send us links to your blogs! We're excited to hear all about your little slice of heaven!


Anonymous said...

Garnet and Black are dignified colors if you are a Carolina fan. I'm sure Brian is most grateful for your color plan. We had so much fun visiting with you. Your apt is lovely and you live in a fastinating place, how fortunate! We look forward to our next trip up! Love you!!

Val said...

As someone who has seen the apartment firsthand...I have to say the picture doesn't do it justice.
The apartment is absolutely gorgeous! Amber is an amazing decorator.