Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Fall!

My mom tells the story like this: "Your dad really wanted you girls to have middle names...I didn't think you needed them, so I told him to come up with one for you. He walked into the hospital room one day after I'd had you, and said, 'What about Amber Autumn?' I have no idea where it came from, but thought it was cute and agreed..." I like to tell the story like this: "Dad, you're a genius! How did you know me that well before I could even walk, talk or coo?" Seriously...fall makes me CRAZY! This is my very favorite time of year. I love the crisp feeling in the air, the spicy smell of fall candles, the changing colors, the idea of cozy nights wrapped up in a blanket with apple cider, the little kids in get the idea. Lucky for me, Brian loves it too. I once dated a guy who told me fall was morbid. "Everything is dying, and winter is right around the corner. So, you dig death, eh?" WHAT?!! Needless to say, that relationship bit the dust, and I'm so happy to be with a guy who can appreciate the best nature has to offer. Granted, when he thinks fall, his first thought is about that first outing to a football stadium, but still... :)

We did a little celebrating of fall this weekend--I had a baby shower to go to Saturday morning, and when I returned Brian had a picnic all packed. Cute, right? He took me to Great Falls Park, and we enjoyed an afternoon of hiking wooded trails in the crispy weather. The water falls that give the park its name are beautiful, and the ruins of Matildaville (the little town that existed along the river in the early 19th century) are so cool! I think my favorite part was that feeling of being in the mountains, though. we weren't really in the mountains, we were down in a gorge, but you could've fooled me. :) It was the perfect activity for our first "fally" Saturday...thanks Bri! And Happy Fall to everyone!!! If you come across us, and I'm jumping around singing, or twirling, or pointing at every tree I see, don't be's really not my's the season!


emily Shoell said...

I totally agree! Fall is wonderful!! As for your name...Amber Autumn IS quite ya!

Val said...

What a good story!
I definitely share the same sentiments about fall. The air is so crisp and fresh. It makes me feel so alive. Even the scent of fall gets me excited because it mean Thanksgiving and Christmas (family time!) is right around the corner.

Well, we really can't emphasize enough that we are so glad that you & Brian live in Alexandria and that we get to be in your ward and be friends. Aw it's a blessing!