Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hangin' with Hoola

Well, I just dropped my sister Halee (aka Hoo, aka Hoola...yeah...I have no idea where these nicknames began...) at the airport, and after a week of sister fun, I am all alone! Sniff, sniff:). After Halee and Carly's visits, I have decided that it's official: the Gotberg girls rock :) Halee and I had an awesome time. She's quite the little dynamo--she packs a lot into that little tiny frame, so we ran all over the city doing everything imaginable: Holocaust Museum, all the monuments, the Capitol, a tour of Printing and Engraving, Air & Space Museum, the National Archives, the White House, the Natural History Museum and, of course, shopping at H&M (Brian called about meeting us at the metro in the nick of time. Halee says he saved her from what could've been a fashion catastrophe. Afterall, the longer she looked at the mannequin at the front of the store, the less strange the outfit looked... She was 'this close' to full-length leg warmers and a plaid skirt. :) I say go for it girl...your tiny little self just might "rock it". :)).

We spent our last night on a ghost tour of Old Town Alexandria, led by a lady in colonial garb. It was AWESOME. Very cold, but very worth it.

I already miss all the laughing! (Isn't it fun when you get home from a FULL day of walking around and you are SO tired you'll giggle hysterically over ANYTHING without being able to stop? But I mean, seriously...what if we really did have to drag ourselves around on our stomachs with our elbows the rest of the week because our legs were so sore? Or what if my team mascot for Nuts/Nertz was a yellow fuzzy chick? Or what if my name really was hukalsioulskdoiulkajoljowj? Or what if Halee and I really were the Jefferson and Washington Monuments?)

Those things are all HILARIOUS, right? :) Yeah...let's just say Brian is a very very good sport...

We're so glad you could come Hoola, and love you way too much!!
Love, Bri Bri and The Girl with One Ear (don't was a cheap earring, gangrene accident...)


Anonymous said...

So fun that you were able to spend so much time with you sister. Isn't it funny how much fun you have when you are together. You seem to laugh uncontrolably and stay awake forever at night talking. Looks like you showed her all the highlights of DC.