Saturday, October 25, 2008

Coo in the Capital

My sister Carly (aka Coo) came for a visit Wednesday through this morning. We toured all the monuments, shopped, toured Old Town and plain ol' partied (can we say "addicted to computer text twist"? Man we were getting good!). It was a blast! We really, really reeeeeeeeeeeeally didn't want to turn her over to her work people when the time came. Sigh.

Unfortunately, between a lost camera, a camera that lost battery power at the last second, and three cell phones that unexpectedly died ( takes talent), we didn't get any pictures of her at the monuments. But we made up for it during our shopping adventures. (If anyone can pull off a crazy hat, it's the Coockleberry!)

I love you Coo! We miss you already!

Now...bring on the next sister... :)


Zach and Car said...

hahaha Send me the pictures already! :P I had so much fun with you guys. I'm sending you a lil somethin somethin if you know what I mean ;) ( Which I'll go ahead and assume you don't haha). Thanks for all the fun! I never did get to do the Ghosts and Graveyards tour cause my fellow workers punked out on me :( sniff sniff. Guess we can save that one for next time! You need to take Brian on a themed date (like you're so good at) and go do the Spy Mission at the museum. I crawled through an air duct and loved every minute of it hahaha (12 year old in me comes out). I miss you guys!!! Thanks for all the fun! Love you a lot :) Come stay at my house a night while you're in town :D The cooking might not be as awesome - but I'm worth it I think LOL.

PS - We hate the Potomac!!!!

Val said...

All the Gotberg girls are so gorgeous!

Does your family sing the Beatles "I am the Walrus, Coo coo, kachoo" to Carly?

Amber and Brian said...

ha ha ha...thanks for the laugh Val! You are hilarious! :) I am ashamed to admit, I actually don't know that song. I need some serious Beatles educating :)