Friday, February 18, 2011

The Scent of Stargazer Lilies Reminds Me Of:

*A surprise late night scavenger hunt my senior year of college with clues that led me to all our special places (a park where we picnicked, the lot where he picked me up from skiing class with a hot chocolate every week, our favorite star gazing location, a playground where we spent part of our first date, the location of our first kiss); one of his best friends popping out from behind a bush in the darkness when I couldn't find the next clue and was getting a little nervous about being alone in a mountain park at dark (thanks Jeff for being a great surprise trailer); my favorite flower, a lily, in a variety I wasn't too familiar with (stargazer) waiting at each location with the clues; finally being led to the Bombay House, a restaurant I'd always wanted to try, to have a cute, dressed up boy waiting with a smile and a vase for the lilies; the gorgeous, fragrant bouquet that resulted and filled my apartment with yumminess for a couple weeks after; the butterflies that fluttered around in my tummy for days whenever I caught a whiff.

*A flowery hospital room, and the feeling I got when he walked in a few hours after surgery with a bouquet of stargazers and irises (and the friends and loved ones who contributed to making the room so flowery and fun with their visits-I am truly blessed); him sitting with me while my mom left for a quick shower; him telling me I looked cute (and me later looking in the mirror and finding out just how nice that was of him--I had two tampon strings coming out my nose and taped to the side of my face. Yep. Cute.); the kiss on the forehead when he left. Almost made the surgery all worth it.

*One of four gorgeous proposal bouquets that changed my life forever.

*A beautiful wedding, where I decided against my favorite flower because of color and theme, but was luckily smart enough to pick my favorite boy.

*Anniversaries and special moments where lilies are always involved.

*Our future, and thoughts of a blond, curly haired little lady toddling around (Didn't take long into our dating drama for him to agree on Lily. When it started reminding me of him, and him of me, I fell even more in love with the name.)

*And most recently, a gorgeous bouquet of stargazers brought home out-of-the-blue the week before Valentine's, just because he knew I was having a rough spell. His Valentine gift was great too, but the just because bouquet... super great. :)

Yep, I love the smell of stargazer lilies in the morning when I'm just waking up and it's the first thing to hit my nose; in the afternoon as I'm busy with 101 household & business tasks; at night when I hear my boy coming up the lobby stairs and feel a little jump of excitement in my stomach... pretty much anytime.


emily said...

Beautiful Am... I love how perfect you two are for eachother. Seriously, the most perfectly paired match I have ever met or even heared of!! Love you guys:) And BTW... nice car Bri... thought of a name yet?

Val said...

I love all the sweet memories associated with stargazer lilies. The hospital one was extremely sweet (lol tampons?!) and the Lily one is too.

Kristy said...

Cute post!!!