Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Announcement: It's a.....

2011 Nissan Sentra S!

Aspen White; Charcoal Interior; lots of fun fixin's. Bri's in love. :) I think he finally understands my affinity for Tink.

He's still working on a name for his new baby. Don't you worry...we'll keep you posted.

It was bitter-sweet, and quite emotional saying goodbye to Soph. She was around for all of our dating and newlywed life, and lots of memories were tied to her 138,500 miles.

Man, did I used to get excited when I saw her pull up to the curb at my parent's house when we were dating! And we won't even mention the time Brian almost drove her (and us) off a canyon cliff because I leaned over and pecked his cheek. A-hem. :) Yep, she was a good little car, and our new little nameless beauty has some big shoes to fill... but so far, she's doing a great job.

Could not be more excited for my boy. He's like a little boy in a candy shop. His first ever new car. It was a long time in coming. When he got his big-boy job out of college, he opted to save for my ring and our upcoming marriage rather than splurge. But now, it's finally his turn! And man, is she CUTE!

Welcome to the family... you. :)

And Happy Valentine's Day to us, and all of you! Hope it was great!


Danna and Larry Johnson said...

Lookin' good, and the car looks good too! So, does this car get to be a boy or do they all have to be girls? Brian didn't like my name suggestions so I'll be interesting to see what it ends up being. Love you guys!

Our Family said...

How exciting, it looks so nice!! When I first read .. "Announcement: its a" I thought, what I didn't know amber was even pregnant! I thought I had missed something.
Sounds like you guys are doing great!!!

Kristy said...