Thursday, March 17, 2011


Louisville going to the championship with Duke...Duke winning. Not so much. Day two, and my bracket is already toast. Sigh.

Even WORSE... when Brian and I compared our brackets after filling them out completely independently, they were IDENTICAL from the final 4 on. I just called him at work knowing he'd want to know the horrible Louisville news, only to find...he CHANGED HIS PICKS LAST NIGHT! Louisville was no longer going that far in his mind. So, I'm not only a loser...I'm a loser who's hubbie was so sure she was a loser that he changed his picks once he knew they were the same as mine! :)

The GOOD news is that maybe now he'll still have a chance to win his work pool. The winnings from his football win were a fun little addition to our vacation funds :). As for the Johnson family pool... lost cause. I don't think Brian Johnson had ever won until he married a certain athletic goddess who creamed everyone in the football competition last year. Ah-hem... luck? I think not. Picking teams based on mascot, colors and geography is totally legitimate. :)

Did I mention... we're going to Disney World in May?!!! :) I guess everything is ok in the world. :)


emily said...

Haha.... he totally changed his bracket after seeing yours... soooo funny:) And Disney World???? Soooooooooooooooo fun!!! Have you ever been? I'm excited for you!

Emily said...

Typical of a guy to change his bracket based on a feeling and not even clue you in on the feeling! :) You know how they are about sharing their feelings! YAY for Disney, can I come?

Kristy said...

YAY for Disney!!! Gluten free dining at it's I hear from you (at least at Disneyland anyways). By the way, Tower of Terror is WAY better in Disneyworld...or wait, that was at MGM in Flordia...or wait, I think they've changed their name now to something more Disney like. Ah, I'm no help. Have fun!!!