Monday, August 16, 2010

Saltwater Cowboy we didn't actually see the saltwater cowboys (sad day), but we DID see the wild ponies. Right there by the road as we drove into Assateague Island, and right by the boardwalk as Brian went back to the car for chairs. Really cool.

Saturday, we were supposed to meet some friends at the beach for a day of fun. We followed their directions, and 3 1/2 hours later ended up at the other end of the island (about an hour away from where they were...hmmm...I know we're kinda dorks, but when people start sending you fake directions you start to wonder. ha ha ha). It actually worked out fabulously, though. A romantic, fun little get away for two. We spent the day playing and reading on the beach, and then drove down to meet them at the beach they were on (Chincoteague Island). They were packing up for dinner, so we decided to ditch them to explore the new beach at sunset. So pretty.

That night, we strolled the little beach town, and tried desperately to find me something gluten-free to eat that wasn't seafood... ended up at Food Lion Grocery Store, buying a microwave Pad Thai dinner to make in our microwave. Ha ha ha.

Such a fun weekend. Relaxing, sunny and beautiful. We're ready to go back!


emily said...

I am so happy you finally made it to a beach!! It looks like an amazing time... minus the mosquitos that is:)

Val said...

Amber you are so totally gorgeous it's not even fair.
So I should probably click on the link and find out for myself, but where is this place? What state?

Tommy said...
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