Monday, August 2, 2010

If I were a car...

...I would be a good car. The kind of car who laughs in the face of Amber's car-debilitating aura, and continues to run anyway. The kind of car who dislikes the idea of shops and body shops. The kind of car who starts when it's supposed to start.

Apparently, our cars are not the kind of car I would be lately. At all.

Yes, believe it or not, Brian and I spent a good few hours in a car shop Saturday. For a totally new and unrelated issue (no, not related to me killing his battery, or my car overheating, or a mechanic driving my car into wasn't even related to--dare I say the word--acorns). We went to run errands Saturday and his car, cute little Soph, wouldn't start. After talking to my dad (I swear, he should start charging us by the hour), we knew it was either the starter, or the battery. But after I killed Brian's battery a couple weeks ago, my dad had me go get the battery tested, and the guy that did the testing said it was great. Apparently he's a good little tester man in the same way our cars are good little cars...because after the shop spent lots of time replacing the starter (and wanted to charge us over $300), the car was working (or not working) exactly the same as before. It was then that we were informed we needed a new battery too. And then that we had to start haggling to have them put back in our old starter, because we now weren't confident it was ever bad. Finally, after lots of time and stress headaches, we were back home with only a battery charge and installation fee. Sigh. I swear.

Good news is, it motivated us to go mini-golfing as a stress reliever that night, and found the most romantic-y course (oh la la...I know...). And...I made friends with a bunny. A tiny bunny the size of a chipmunk. So it was all worth it.

Totally unrelated (but would you expect anything else of me?): remember my favorite commercial ever...the Old Spice one? Check out this spoof by BYU:


Val said...

hey friend! We only get dial-up speed in the mountains so I haven't seen your blog in a while. I've missed it! And you!

I love the Old Spice spoof. Hilarious. I love BYU. Can you believe they have food in the library?!

emily said...

Such a entertaining post!!! And you look gorgeous as always:) I am happy to hear you solved your car problems, and didn't let those mechanics rip you off, (like they do with everyone else:)