Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Favorite... favorite...favorite

Must be Amber Autumn & Bri Bri's favorite time of year. How do I know?

Well, there's this:

And of course, this (two FABULOUS hours in Home Goods):

And I think I hear some guy in a Gamecock's shirt saying that I can't forget the best part of the season (sacrilegious if you ask me): the fact that football sounds are drifting through the apartment providing lovely background music for 99.9% (ok...more like 80%) of everything we do. And "John Beck's Fan Club" is dominating the league (Brian's Fantasy Football team).

Sigh. We're in heaven. And have decided that our mutual obsession with the season is a sign that we are, like, totally, oh-my-gosh, MFEO. :) ha ha ha.

Now...we're just waiting for the leaves to get with the program...


emily said...

Oooo, love your table!! I had my fall stuff out the first of September, I know-- a little early, but I love fall as well!!! I STILL want to go apple picking... why don't we have cool stuff like that here in Utah??!!

Zach, Carly, and Londyn said...

*sigh* My pride is a little hurt right now. I read the title of your post and thought it was going to be about ME. :|

Anywho, I'm not at all happy that you are picking apples and I am not. Come home with mom. Bring Brian.

Love you :)

Alisha said...

hey guys! long time-no talk. Hope you're doing great and enjoying weather that actually feels like fall. Lila wants to say hello: uu kbiouk m !