Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I just don't understand it: why did "Christmas break" go so so so fast? I mean, it was three whole weeks.

Three weeks of sleeping in. Two weeks of spending full-time with my boy. Three weeks of being spoiled rotten. Three weeks of seeing family and friends we hadn't seen in way too long. Three weeks of constant taste-bud satisfaction without counting a single calorie. Three weeks of zero responsibility. Three weeks of snuggling the cutest babies around. Three weeks of snowy winter weather. Three weeks of movies, and games, and more movies, and games (some of the reviews: "Sherlock Holmes" was a lot of fun, we LOVE "Up", and if you haven't played "Sort it Out" it's a super fun board game). Three weeks of flannel sheets and heated mattress pads. Three weeks of being introduced to new fun things, like Cribbage, and Wynco and Vampire Diaries. Three weeks of my favorite restaurant EVER (we made it to the Mandarin twice!). Three weeks of... just pure fun!

Hm. So why'd it go so fast? I just don't get it! :)

Here's some of our favorite pictures from the trip. We hope your Christmas was fantastic. And Happy 2010!!


emily said...

How fun, and you weren't kidding when you said it was "baby central" at your house!! Cute pictures... Those babies are gorgeous!! Londyn's eyes are to die for!!! So your little booth looks perfect, how'd it go?? Lots of love!

Anonymous said...

Hey how did your booth go at the wedding event? What exactly is it that you do? Also, I love seeing all the tiny little babies with their little stocking caps on...I miss mine being tiny. Looks like you and Brian had a great trip! Happy New Year. Oh and you never sent me your address so I could send you a Christmas Card...I still have it stamped and waiting for an address. :)

Doug and Amy said...

Your niece and nephew are so stinkin' cute! I'll bet it's so hard to leave them! So fun that you got to spend so much time with your family.

It was great seeing you even if it was only for a little bit! We start b-ball league today - wish you were here to play with us!

Zach and Car said...

For the record... It's WINCO hahahaha LOL. First it's trying to get mom and dad to SAY it right and now we're working on spelling ;) I hate when you do the slides, it won't let me steal any of your pictures off your blog when you do it that way :( Londyn misses you. Okay, okay I miss you too... we complain about it together while we're home. Maybe a 'Coo & Loo hit up DC' is in order in our near future. Somehow I think Zach would really like the Spy Museum LOL. Oh funny tidbit for ya, I forgot my drivers license when I went shopping the other day and guess what all the stores accepted instead? A Living Planet Aquarium membership card. hahaha I feel safer already ;) Love you, miss you, will try and end this 'comment' soon before it turns into something longer than that... ooops, too late. Love you!