Monday, December 14, 2009

My Sweet Thing & The Festival of Lights

Yep, that's my sweet thing, helping me make...sweet things? :) (Keith Urban's new of my favorites...)

We did our holiday baking Saturday. I guess it's officially tradition now. We always did it with my mom growing up--some of my favorite holiday memories are of baking all day (fudge, spritz cookies, sugar cookies, wedding cookies, peanut brittle, toffee, gooey caramel bars, etc, etc, was an all day shin-dig), and then delivering the delicious looking plates to neighbors that night. Brian and I decided to give it a go last year, and had a this year, we baked up a storm again, with a slightly modified "menu" (I just don't think some things would be the same gluten-free and didn't want to experiment on neighbors and friends :)) We made chocolate cookies with peppermint frosting, melt aways, caramel corn, fudge and divinity...and had lots of fun doing it. Brian was a dish washing extraordinaire--I think the record was the same pan washed 5 times throughout the course of the day. (It was kinda fun to run to the sink with the offending saucepan and say, "It's baaaaaaaaaaaaack" in my best, "You really really want to wash this pan because you think I'm incredibly cute and not at all obnoxious" voice...)

But perhaps more impressively, I was taking care of getting some cookies in the oven, and turned around to find he had expertly frosted and sprinkled the chocolate cookies! They looked better than the ones I'd done!! (Between that and him expertly dying my hair on Tuesday... hmmm... :) ) We wish you were all nearby so we could bring you a plate... both because we love you, and because the leftovers are wreaking havoc on our waistlines! Please say this picture tempts you into traveling the many miles to DC to save us from our pre-holiday binging!!! ANYONE?!!! No takers? Darn. We're in trouble.

Last night we kicked the festivities up a notch at the Washington DC Temple Festival of Lights with our good friends the Jacksons. Gorgeous. It was a really foggy, misty night, and the lights and temple looked phenomenal. If you're in the area, you HAVE to go!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! We hope you have an amazing holiday season. And for those of you in out... here we come! :)


Alisa said...

I am so almost tempted to drive the 6 hours to get those treats! But then again, I don't want to expand my waistline. That would be counterproductive. They do look quite yummy though!

emily said...

Mmmmm, scrumptious!!! I need recipes!!! I can't wait to see you!

Kristy said...

Fun! That's cool they do lights at the D.C. temple. I only knew of the ones surrounding the Salt Lake Temple. I do think it's weird that they don't do it on any other temple grounds in Utah. Looks pretty! The treats look yummy! Remember how you taught me how to make pink divinity? I had never heard of it.

Danna and Larry Johnson said...

Lovely lights, I remember singing in a choir around those lights when we lived there, so fun! The goodies look yummy, but Brian, where's your hair!?? You must have just gotten another attack with the razor~ Your dishwashing extravaganza reminds me of dad washing the bosch as I work through my gingerbread orders. So nice to have an able bodied assistant!

Alisha said...

Merry Christmas you guys! Have fun in Utah!

Anonymous said...

Wow those are amazing pictures of the temple with all the lights on at night. Love it!