Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Old Lady Alert

See Amber. See Amber age.

See Amber age while being spoiled.

(For those of you wondering if Brian spoiled me...yes. The answer is yes!)

See Amber age while being spoiled and enjoying gluten-free goodness.

See Amber age while being spoiled and wishing on enjoyable gluten-free goodness.

See Amber age while being spoiled, and seeing the wishes made on gluten-free goodness come true. :)
28 isn't so bad. I think I'll survive...I think... :)


Anonymous said...

I turned 28 is December and I feel like i have aged so much in just the past two years...time to start searching out the good anti-wrinking anti-age creams! Glad you were spoiled, that is how your birthday is supposed to be. Happy 28th! And for the record, you still look young and lively!

Val said...

I loved this post. You are SO clever with the parallelism to See Spot.
Seriously I love how you write about life.

(btw the gluten-free cupcakes look amazing. What a great treat!)
You look gorgeous!

Morgan and Wade said...

oh happy birthday! we're gonna make a trip up to dc one of these days and say hi to you, and then michelle (obama), but you two come first

emily said...

Happy Birthday you old lady you! I can't believe I am only 2 years from 30yrs old. Ewww. 30. Oh well, 28 looks good on you...seriously you are BEAUTIFUL. Love you!