Thursday, December 3, 2009

Double the Fun

Whew...this post is a little late in coming, but everything around here (including the list of things to get done) seems to be doubling! I used to have one piece of paper with things neatly listed: "Order Brian's Christmas presents... Make doctor appointment...Make dentist appointment...Send out Christmas cards...Get visiting teaching report in...yada yada yada ya..." But, due to some recent events, I've started a second sheet of paper, and the listS seem to be growing instead of shrinking! List number two includes things like, "Send in contract for wedding show...Order brochures for wedding show...Fix SN blog... yada yada ya." Yes, come Jan. 2, I will be exhibiting in my first ever Bridal Extravaganza at the Grand America in Salt Lake. I am super excited, and a little nervous, and a bit scared of failure...but mostly just super busy. The days are flying by.

ANYWAY...on to more important things.

My list isn't the only thing doubling around here... Since August, the number of mine and Brian's nieces/nephews has doubled!! Yes, before then we had Sienna (smart little cookie who gives amazing hugs)...

Miya (2 year old ballerina and concert singer extraordinaire)...

and Kinsey (smiley little baby with the chubbiest, most lovable thighs you have ever seen).

Then, WHAM little Londyn joined the mix (feisty little thing with eyes that twinkle when she smiles)... ...followed shortly by Tre (baby prodigy who was able to roll himself over from the second he arrived) ...

...and NOW...announcing the arrival of adorable little baby Lila!!! Isn't she sooooooooo cute?! (She's Sienna and Miya's little sister, in case you were wondering!)

Not bad for 4 months work, eh? A big thank you to all our siblings for doubling our fun!! :)

That being said, you can imagine how Brian and I spent our Thanksgiving holiday in South Carolina. With four cute, entertaining nieces, there was never a dull moment! :) We played games, watched jungle gym tricks, threw footballs, watched singing performances (if Miya EVER loses that sweet little chipmunk voice I will bawl my eyes out), and snuggled lots. We had a good time with the grown-ups too, and enjoyed lots of good food and some gorgeous weather.

And of course, there was more than enough football. I spent Saturday with the boys at the Gamecocks vs. Tigers game, where (thanks to my good luck...ha ha) South Carolina won their arch rivals for only the third time in like 12 years! (And I got quite the nasty, half-face sunburn). Then that night the Cougars took out Utah (barely, but we won't complain). Not bad as far as football goes.

So, a big thank you to Brian's family for all the fun! We really enjoyed ourselves and appreciate all you did for us.

Whew...this has gotten long, and my list is probably growing longer as I type, so I'm off! But we hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving! And don't forget...Santa's elves are now officially watching!


Val said...

Oh my goodness--fun post!! I haven't seen a picture of Londyn since she was brand new and she is SOOOOO beautiful. Crazy amounts of hair too! Tre looks like a hunk but even more your sister looks gorgeous. Fun fun.

emily said...

Oh, I just love you so much!!! That was sooooo HILARIOUSNESS, that IS our word isn't it? I kinda had a brain-fart there for a moment... You have a way of making me giggle out loud, all by my lonesome.LOVE it. So... amazing post, you never fail to amaze, cute little kiddies (my favorite is Londyn, although, Tre's eyes are irrisitable!), and it sounds as if you had an amazing time! Miss you still!!

Alisha said...

I have one of those lists too!!!! We loved having you here! It was SO much fun! "I miss Bri Bri and Amber" says Miya in her chipmunk voice. We love you guys!

Kristy said...

Too fun!!! Good luck at your bridal show at the Grand America. Good one to do...we did the one at the South Towne Expo and it wasn't so great-but I've heard that one is fabulous! You'll do great!! Let me know if you need any help!