Thursday, April 3, 2014

Worst first-time mom ever

I haven't read a single parenting book. I don't have a photo of me every month of my pregnancy (in fact, I think I have like 4 total). I haven't started an official baby book, or arranged any photos into a photo album yet. I don't make home made baby food. I am so MIA with blogging that it's ridiculous. But maybe the most sacrilegious thing of all: I just barely finished our first born's nursery 7 months in! Gasp. It honestly kind of disturbs even me!

But, it's officially finished now. And our little man LOVES it. He has honestly made me tear up a couple of times with how excited he gets every time we take him in "Lincoln's room". Throughout the process we would show him each new thing, and he'd always stare at whatever was new, smile and do his excited arms. "Look Lincoln. Mommy finished your comforter!"  Bounce, bounce, smile, smile, crazy arms.  "Look Lincoln. Do you like your airplane?" Bounce, bounce, smile, smile, crazy arms.  "Of course you had to have a mirror, Lincoln. Do you love it?  Who's that baby?"  Bounce, bounce, smile, smile, crazy arms, flirty head cock. :) Sweetest thing ever.

So, without further adieu, Lincoln's "Oh the Places You'll Go" travel themed nursery:

I think he'll sleep there for the first time tonight. Mommy and Daddy need some SLEEP. We'll see who cries more...Lincoln or me. :)


emily said...

Oh my goodness!!! It is so beautiful!!! You are so talented little miss!! I love it! And you:)Cant wait to see it in person (hint, hint;)

Andrea said...

Love that map! I want it... where'd you get it? I am going nautical themed for this new baby and would love something like that.

Amber said...

Andrea, thanks! I actually found the material panel on Etsy, and then sewed on the backing, straps, etc!

Alisa J said...

I love it!