Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

4 new blog entries in one day--I fear I was a bit behind...

Halloween this year was filled with lots of pumpkins (and thus lots of pumpkin seeds and pumpkin stew...yum), good friends, spookiness and dog poop (yeah...we'll get there).  Just the way we like it (well, except for the dog poop of course).

We figured we better get the pumpkin carving, and pumpkin stewing, and pumpkin seed baking out of the way on Sunday, just in case we lost power with the storm. Success! (Although, I think my pumpkin looks a little more "Whatever! What's wrong with you!" than "Ooooo...I'm scared!" as was my intention... but "whatever". Maybe it's fitting :) I really don't understand anything Tim Burton.)

On Halloween we enjoyed a quick dinner of cheesy broccoli soup, and then headed out with the Kennedy's for a fun and spooky ghost tour of Old Town (which was packed with cute trick or treaters, and dressed up puppies which Amber loved, and storm troopers which Brian loved). So much fun!

The tomb of the unknown Revolutionary War soldier.

To wrap up the night, we decided to stop at the Halloween House so that Ju and Joey could get a peek--just as cool the second time.

His face is a foreshadowing of things to come...
We also decided to pull over and investigate a suspicious smell as we drove away from the house. It's possible that one of the dressed up doggies enjoying the pirate festivities left a little treasure for Brian to step in, and then smear all over his car mats. I had to laugh as we drove home with the windows open (poor Bri...he has a penchant for stepping in doggie doo doo). The remaining activities weren't nearly as pleasant as the rest of the evening had been, what with the scrubbing and disinfecting by the light of a flashlight--but what's Halloween without a little trick to go with the treat, right? Memorable. Simply memorable.


V said...

Those are awesome pumpkins! That is a fantastic Nightmare Before Christmas rendition.

Poor Brian. That's happened to me before and totally made me want to throw an adult tantrum.