Friday, December 14, 2012

Some Good Gobblin'


PHOTOS HERE (Sorry...didn't have time to save them all in web version, and had to share them with the fam anyway, so they are in an album on facebook!)

Thanksgiving was fantastic. There's just no other word to describe it: except, perhaps FAST. Brian and I could not believe how fast the time flew by. We didn't have nearly enough time to enjoy the posh, 5-star accommodations (thanks for the newly remodeled guest room mom and dad... comfortable and beautiful), the adorable kids, the fun and feisty sisters, the obliging and awesome parents and the fun holiday activities. Next time we'll just have to stay a month. :)  We did manage to score quite a few highlights, though, such as...

*gorgeous temple square, where we saw bright lights while snuggling with a cute baby, and taking a rambunctious 3 year old on wild stroller rides

*delicious Mandarin food, where Brian met baby Harper and learned they are quite the pair--Harper could not get enough of Bri's stubble.

*scenic golf... in Utah... in November. Not sure what was going on, but we'll take it! Fun day.

*exhilarating after Thanksgiving shopping. Seriously, wish I had Brian on camera. He went from "nice talking to all the people around us and making friends while we were waiting in line" guy, to "squatting down, head crammed between people's knees, grabbing needed DVDs" guy in 2 seconds flat. I was laughing, people around me were laughing... and we got all our DVDs. Priceless. To think he'd never been part of the madness until we got married. He's a natural. :)

*creating cookie trains with the kiddies. Oh the memories of childhood. Gotta give it to my mom... she was pretty darn spectacular when we were growing up (and still is). If we weren't creating something at home, she was helping us create something at school as head room mother. One year she did homemade gingerbread houses (with homemade gingerbread) with my entire class of 30-odd kids. Super mom.  And she's still got it... the kiddos  (and I) had so much fun.

*setting up the traditional train around the tree with the kiddos, and watching them be completely enchanted.

*enjoying movie nights and relaxing with delicious snacks galore

*picking up a new, most-quoted line from 3 year old Tre. Picture the scene: we're all sitting around the table. I'm teasing Tre, and he suddenly says in his sweet little voice, "Oh mine heck Aunt Amber..." and then in a raspy, whispery, pro-wrestling growl, "Whatch you talkin' 'bout?"  Holy Hannah. Maybe you had to be there, but every adult in the room was in hysterics, which led him to repeat it to everyone, one at a time. Brian and I have put a lot of miles on that one.

*visiting my Pa in the hospital during and after an emergency surgery. He still has a long road, but is doing better, and it was good to get to visit with him while it was all going on.

*a gourmet Thanksgiving meal, of course... delish.

*completing my first big sewing project (outside of home ec) with Mom

*a delicious reunion with the Bombay House. Mm mm good.

*sleeping in. Glorious. I don't think Bri has been that rested since... well... last time we were at my parent's house. :)  Can you believe it had been a year since my family saw Bri? Can we say withdrawls?

*watching Papa chase the grandkids around. Squeals, Britt bum scooting at 90 miles per hour, and the sounds of "fe, fi, fo, fum" (a loooooooong ongoing and very unique family tradition) made me smile.

*talking Britt into trying to walk to me. He's so mobile with his cute little bum scoot, that walking just hasn't been on his agenda. But while I was there, he kinda got into it, and it was so fun to see his big smile while we all cheered.

*playing wii and card games with my dad. Apparently he is indestructible when playing Cribbage under the new chandelier, and I am indestructible at Tiger Woods frisbee golf no matter where I play :).

*squeezing in a few friends amidst all the family time for some fun catching up.

Yes, from the time we arrived to the time I sniffed and blubbered my way through security when I left it was delicious. My goodness, how I love my family.

Hope you all had some good gobblin' too, and that you're ready for Christmas! Can't BELIEVE that it's in less than 2 weeks!