Sunday, October 7, 2012

National League East Division Champs!

Our MLB team, the Washington Nationals, don't have the greatest baseball past. In fact, year after year they come in dead last in our league. DEAD last. Worst record, worst team, haven't been to the playoffs since 1933.

Well ladies and gents, grab some Cracker Jacks and your giant red fingers, because this year that's all changed: WE ARE THE NATIONAL LEAGUE EAST DIVISION CHAMPS, and as of today, we won our first playoff game!!!  We are going all the way, with the help of cute little 19 year old Bryce Harper (get in line ladies...ok, actually he doesn't really do it for me, but apparently all the old ladies around here can't get enough).

It's Nats-mania in DC, and Brian and I take full credit. After all, we DID attend 3 games this year. I think our cheering gave them that extra little push they needed.


 Even the nose bleeds are great seats.
 Nationals Park
 Bri meets Teddy, a few games later
Teddy wins the Presidential Race around
the field for the first time ever...I'm just
sayin. :)
 See that crazed look in my eye? See that
fully specialized concessions stand behind me?

Game with our friends, the Kennedy's.


V said...

that's awesome!

emily said...

Fun!! And you all look so cute in your gear! Especially that lady in the background of the last picture whose cloths are falling off of her. Hahaha, that would be a super cute look for you Am;)