Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Fall Drive

On Saturday, Brian suggested we go on a fall drive. You know me... I LOVE/am obsessed with/can't get enough of/live for the fall. And you know Brian...considerate/sweet/best hubbie ever. Driving to and from work on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, he'd been noticing the leaves peaking and just HAD to show me. Thinking it would be more fun to drive with a destination in mind, he'd done a little homework and found a quaint old mill turned shopping center, Savage Mill, where we could go through some antique shops before returning home (right in time for the BYU and South Carolina games that were both on network TV that day, of course).

We hopped in Tink (you know Tink...the perfect/sun roof blessed/great-for-a-fall-drive car), and spent the morning enjoying the colors, fresh air and antiques. Man, I love the fall.

Oh how I wish my camera would capture the gorgeousness.
Check out this link: it does a bit better.

The sole surviving example of a Bollman Iron
Truss Railroad bridge.


Virginia just does fall right.


V said...

That is so sweet and romantic that he was excited to show you and planned it out. Beautiful fall pictures!