Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween is a fun time here in Oz...

My little munchkin was sad (something about being forced to color his hair?)...

So I had to change him....

Into a happy, good little munchkin...

In time for our costume party. (He still refused to sing the Lollipop Guild song during the costume judging, but I give him props for finally going along with the costume.)

We had to paint the Emerald City orange...

and give it a bit of a spooky flair.

I had to refrain from throwing my magic wand (and scissors) through the wall about half way into making fun Halloween presents for the other little munchkins in the land ...but other than that, doing a fun Halloween craft was kinda a fun way to spend the day.

Then there were Glenda's favorite snack to prepare... (even though the smell apparently repels munchkins. Still deciding if this is a bad thing or a perk. He he he. I'm so kidding. I love my munchkin.)

And we threw in some delicious pumpkin munchkin grub for good measure.

The Haunted Ghost Tour earlier in the week has us tremblin' like the Cowardly Lion (ok...not really all. But fun...), and the ward party last week was fun too. Let's be honest...mostly cuz I won THIS:

Ha ha ha. Apparently my soup is to die for (or at least worth a little trophy the size of my pinky. Ha ha ha. Bragging? Nope. Ok. Maybe a tiny bit. :) I mean...did you SEE the awesome trophy? I'm just sayin... ha ha ha.).

All in all, a fun Halloween!

We hope all of your weekends are incredibly spooky. :)


Morgan said...

girl will you email me your pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe?! (unless it is like a sacred family recipe, I'll understand). I've been dying to make them but I don't have a recipe of my own and I'm sure yours are delicious

Val said...

I miss your posts!!! How's autumn? What did the cutest newlyweds ever do for Thanksgiving?

Dustinn saw the Munchkin picture and said something along the lines of Brian being head over heels in love to agree to be a munchkin.
I think you are brilliant and clever and have adorable couple costumes.

Ummmmm, any plans to travel to Chicago? :)