Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Alive and kickin'...

Not surprisingly, we didn't come away from this weekend with a single picture (I don't know how you parents out there get anything done at all besides keeping your children alive and well. You are seriously our favorite super-heroes!) It's honestly too bad, because the pictures would've been so entertaining. If we had taken pictures, these would've been them:

*Our apartment completely covered: couches covered with sheets, bookcases covered with blankets to conceal temptations, floor covered with toys and torn up magazine pages, bathroom floor covered with diapers, bedroom floor covered with makeshift beds.

*Little Samantha smiling and bouncing at me saying, "dYah! dYah! dYah!" when I went to get her out of her crib every morning and after naps (cutest thing ever...she was always so excited!)

*Madison (not LITTLE Madison, "Big Girl" Madison) soooooooo excited about painting her nails and toenails "pretty princess pink" (First thing out of her mouth when she popped out of bed the morning after we promised her we'd paint them: "I stayed in bed all night! We get to paint my toenails!" and into the bathroom she ran!)

*The stick collection (mama, baby, and friend) that Madison lovingly found the perfect home for during our walk (a very large sidewalk crack that they didn't quite fit in... I'm hoping bikers are paying attention as their tires pass that way :))

*Samantha laughing her head off at the playground in the baby swing, turning every one's heads

*Madison discovering the joy of Go Fish (and creaming me and Brian all 50 trillon times)

*Samantha letting out one of her big ole banshee squeals at random moments (at Wendy's, in the car, and especially during sacrament meeting) sending me into hysterical giggles.

*The looks on people's faces at church when Brian and I suddenly had 2 kids. Half of them didn't recognize us with the children, and the other half were just confused.

*Brian and I collapsing onto the air mattress in our front room every night and immediately going unconscious.

*Snuggling up for a movie that Brian and I enjoyed just as much as the girls. Seriously, Enchanted ROCKS.

All in all, a fun, adventurous weekend. The girls were adorable, and broke us into pseudo parenthood gently (although, going from zero kids to two in one day is quite challenging in and of itself). I so wish we had pictures, because probably haven't seen two more adorable girls. Loved having them. But we will say this... holy cow, you parents out there are awesome. And... to answer the most asked question of the weekend... no... we're not baby hungry. I think we're too exhausted to be anything else right now! :)


emily said...

Ha ha ha... sooooo wish I could have seen you two in action:)As always, thanks for the laugh:)

Doug and Amy said...

Good job guys! Sounds like you had a blast! And I definitely think you should become baby-hungry! :)

Emily said...

I only just got to read this now but you had phil and I chuckling as we did so! You guys are awesome thank you so much for watching the girls. They absolutely loved you and "Bri Bri"!