Sunday, March 21, 2010

OMGoodness.... I totally married my BFF.

So, the past few days I've been thinking... and I've decided that it rocks to be married to your best friend. Not that I didn't know this--I did. But sometimes the fact that it actually happened to ME (the girl who was terrified of marriage, couldn't quite get her act together, and spent 7 years determinedly pushing away the best guy ever) still makes me stop and go "Huh. How'd I get that lucky?" Our life isn't perfect, but as long as we're together it always feels pretty dang good! :)

I'm not the type to tell people what to do... have a low tolerance for self-righteousness. Who am I to know what's best for people, afterall. But if I may... I humbly submit the following suggestion to any single people out there: Marry your best friend. You won't be sorry. :)

Here's some of my evidence. I'll title the list "Like, reasons why it's, like, totally sweeeeeeeeeeet to be married to your BFF":

*When you have a basketball game early in the morning, you always have a cheerleader in the stands (it may be a poofy-faced, exhausted cheerleader whos hairy legs might not look that great in a mini-skirt...but he'll be excited to be there!) Then, later in the day, you get to experience a surge of adrenaline watching his game on the edge of your seat. (Brian's last game was so intense! I came home with sore back muscles from all the tension. I thought the wife next to me was going to have her baby right there on the stage..."GUARD NUMBER 42! He's always WIDE OPEN!" She was bordering on hyperventilation.)'s b-ball season around here, and both our teams are into tournament play. My team just won the first round, Brian's first game is pending. LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that we have similar interests. Makes b-ball season so fun! (Although, we won't talk about March Madness. Our picks have proven...maddening.)

*When you have a horrible dream about ex-boyfriends being mean to you, you can wake up, roll over, laugh hysterically and think, "SUCKER!!!! I ended up soooooooo much better off." :)

*When you're sitting in a really good, but really long, ward conference, and the stake president starts telling a story about the "little woman"... and you wonder if your ears have fallen asleep, because it really sounds like he said it in an Elmer Fudd it is again..."little woman", with the "l"s like "w"s... you can turn to the BFF and explain the situation, and they'll help you listen for it again. Yes...there it is: Elmer Fudd "little woman"...."and then the widow woman took her last myte of meal, and gave it to him..." If it's your BFF next to you, they'll laugh with you at your mistake, and even giggle with you the 50 billion more times the speaker manages to say "widow woman" during his talk.

*And while we're asking for lightening bolts to head our way (we really aren't irreverent people... we've just had a bad week...), when you somehow are so tired during evening prayers that you get an uncontrollable case of the giggles for no reason at all, they'll probably just join right in. Sure it'll take you 20 times longer to get a decent prayer going, but at least you won't be singed alone. :)

*When you have a doctor's appointment you're not excited about, you can say "Yo dude...wanna come watch me get poked and prodded?" And they'll say, "Love to." (Hopefully not because they are a crazy sadist, but because they know you don't want to be alone)

*When you have a week where you don't see each other for a couple of days in a row until 9pm, and then some weekend work comes up, BOTH of you can melodramatically act like it's the end of the world because you don't get to be playing.

Could so go on and on. But we'll stop there. The spoken of guy just shut his computer, and I'm antsy to hang out with him. But my parting advice (since I know you all live by my word as you would the Bible... :))...marry the best friend. (Or enjoy being married to the best friend for you married lovies.) Makes life so much fun.


Val said...

Good post!!
Widow woman was hilarious. I'm sorry you are being poked and prodded. I hope it is quickly resolved.

Anonymous said...

I love that you and Brian dated for soooo long and know each other so well! I will take your advice and marry the best friend...once i can determine exactly who that is...

emily said...

Oh how I love this post, and oh how I love you guys! You really are a match made in heaven. This was hilarious!!! Thanks for the sentimental laugh:)

Emily said...

You are so cute! Wish we got to see you guys more often. Thanks for your post its always good to be reminded what a blessing it is to be married to a wonderful guy!