Monday, November 16, 2009

Our first nephew!

Introducing Tre Jayden, mine and Brian's first and only nephew!

Halee had little Tre early, early Saturday morning, and I woke up that morning to Brian saying, "Meet Tre" and leaning over me with his cell phone displaying the cute picture above (Doesn't he look happy?). We both oohed and ahhed and laughed about the fact that someone in one of our families actually had a boy. We're so excited to have a nephew!

We love you little Tre, and can't wait to meet you in a month! And hugs and kisses to the mom and dad. You sure did make a cute little guy.

Today I am thankful for:

1-Family. I get to go home in one month and see my cute new nephew and niece and I couldn't be more excited! Let the countdown begin.

2-The advances in gluten-free cooking. Really weird one, I know, but you have NO idea how excited I am when I go in a store and see a Betty Crocker brand, gluten-free devil's food cake mix. Sometimes it's nice to not have to do EVERYTHING from scratch. :)

3-Friends. Heavenly Father has always seemed to surround me with people who lift and inspire me--in West Jordan, at BYU, and now here in Virginia. I'm so thankful that I've always had exactly the friends I need placed right where I need them.


Our Family said...

he is so adorable!! Congrats to halee and trevor! I can see Halee in him like crazy! How fun to have a boy in your family. Both are so much fun.

emily said...

Oh....he is soooo cute, looks just like Halee!!! I love babies...

Val said...

It's true--everytime we are on the baking aisle (in Shoppers, Giant, Safeway) we notice a new gluten-free item. It's so cool! I would be exhausted from having to make everything from scratch. That so much labor every single day! (I obviously would not be a great pioneer.)

Tre is super cute and so alert!

Kristy said...