Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Checkin off the list...

So, Brian and I have this list of things we want to do while we're in the area. It's HUGE! So much to see and do in DC and the surrounding cities! But we feel like we're finally starting to scratch the surface. This weekend we checked off the Old Town Farmer's Market, and... Ben's Chili Bowl. :) Apparently it's famous. Obama ate there, which is apparently saying something? And a sign behind the counter proclaims that Bill Cosby eats there for free, and that it's been "Black Owned and Operated since 1953." It's a landmark, and they are supposed to serve up the best chili dogs anywhere. Brian thought they were pretty tasty. I enjoyed their Sprite immensely. :)

We decided to try them out because we were in the area doing the 9-11 National Day of Service with a group from Brian's work. We got to help garden at a house for homeless women with AIDS. It was pretty weather, and fun to work outside a bit for a good cause. Me and Bri had our very own section that we were in charge of (hopefully his coworkers don't think we're "special" now, what with all the congratulatory high-fives, and "Ooooo...look at those roots! Good job babe!" comments that were going on :)) We were asked to pull out all the clover ...and also a really really pretty ground cover that had purple flowers. I was a bit sad about it, actually, because I think it looked better before we started, but the owner wanted it gone it was. :) From wild English garden to... nicely mulched mound? :) Brian managed to think to snap this picture with his camera phone. I was feeling pretty proud of myself at the moment--I pulled out one of the roots of this plant, and stuff just kept coming. Before I knew it, I'd unearthed a big ole bush of purple-flowering stuff. Yes, they call me Sheera Warrior Princess. :)


emily said...

Ahh, ARE "special" It's the ooga booganess in you!

Danna and Larry Johnson said...

You go girl!! Want to come and attack my garden next? I'll save you some weeds if you'd like. What a neat activity.