Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What we've been up to...

I realized yesterday that I haven't really had a post saying what we've been doing with ourselves for awhile. And that made me stop and think, "Huh...what HAVE we been up to lately?" And that's when I remembered the library book sale we accidentally found a week or so ago. Fill a bag of books for $3. Needless to say, reading has been the relaxing activity of choice around here for the past little bit. :)

I guess there was the "Salon Night from Down Under" too. I wanted to get my hair done for Halee's wedding this weekend. She usually highlights and cuts me, but I didn't want the bride to have to worry about it the day before her wedding. So, I called around and was aghast...yes...aghast (I hope that word works here) at the prices. So, I decided I'd highlight it with an at-home kit, and then just go get it cut. Let's just say, the results were not good. I think Halee summed it up best when I called her panicking an hour after.

"Orange? Like a tiger?"

Yes. Orange like a tiger. Luckily, she's a genius, and told me how to mix up and apply a toner. Now I look fairly normal. But I WILL be waiting for her to cut my hair when I'm in town this weekend. And I'll never be doing a hair-at-home night again. To top off my spa night, I decided to do a facial too, with a new "Smooth Away" system. You rub a little pad all over your face and, hair. So...can I just say ingrown hairs galore, and leave it at that? I'm going to show up at the wedding looking like a teenager, zit-faced tiger. Sigh. :) At least the epsom salt foot soak went well (it's supposed to help with my magnesium levels with the whole Celiac thing)... so I guess the pampering night wasn't a complete disaster.


emily said...

Oh Amber, you CANNOT write a post like this and NOT post pictures.... I just can't imagine "orange like a tiger, and ingrown hairs...." I need pictures!!! Ha, Ha, I love you and you know you always look gorgeous!! Have fun this weekend!!!

Val said...

I have been wondering what you are up to---so this was a very applicable post.
I went to a hair school once and asked for subtle natural highlights....3 hours later she was apologizing and saying it was her first rime she'd ever tried this...the highlights started about 2 inches from the top and were platinum blond (against my dark brown hair.) Ugh.

I'm sorry about the orange, I'd like to see a picture too.

Anonymous said...

I think that i echo what everyone else has said...we need some pictures to see this lovely hair!