Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ode to Costco

Concrete and dark, yes, but beautiful too,

Without you, without you...what would we do?

There's many, oh so many things, we've learned at your feet,

I.E: buying T.P only once in the first year of marriage is sweet.

Without you we'd never have known about Bri's stacking skills,

And our wallets would have far, far fewer bills.

Alas, without you we would have set a very low bar,

for exactly how high our linen closet shelves are.

Yes thanks to you Costco, our backsides are well pleased,

And we've also experienced the joy of the world's most scrumptious cheese.


Anonymous said...

such a funny poem. you should submit it to costco and see if they want to hook you up with something like a toilet bowl cleaner or funny. Glad that Brian's college education is paying off, great stacking skills indeed!

Our Family said...

Oh thats so great. Thanks for the laugh!!

Andrea said...

only one toilet paper buy in the first year? you obviously didn't marry someone like ryan... hehe. sorry ry!!

Val said...

You crack me up!

emily and nate said...

Love it!!!

Matthew & Alisha said...

Hehehe. I love it! Move over Shel Silverstein!!!