Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hopin for lots more like the first!!

What a great first year! We celebrated yesterday with a delish dinner at PF Changs (gluten-free even!). Then we came home and watched one of our favorite TV shows on Hulu (Bones...hilarious). We'd said no gifts because of the cruise... Brian apparently didn't think he had to stick to that. Punk. :) Seriously, this picture doesn't do these flowers of the prettiest arrangements I've seen!! What a sweet husband I found!

Luckily, I at least thought to make Bri a homemade cake. I was a little nervous; my first gluten-free cake. I was scared it would be more of a surprise for him than he bargained for. :) But it actually turned out pretty scrumptious, if I do say so myself. (Yummy Lion House recipe...they know their stuff!)

It was a really fun first anniversary. But nothing compared to our first year of marriage. We're so hoping that all the rest are just as amazing! (But maybe not quite as FAST!!!)


Zach and Car said...

HAPPY (late) ANNIVERSARY! I can't believe it has already been a year! Doesn't it go by fast?!?! Hey, so now that you've got a year under your belt, when are you having kids? ;) LOL - Sorry I couldn't resist after the post a few days ago:) The cake looks great. Thanks for thinking to send me a piece. Give it a few more days and you'll basically have the whole family out there! How fun :) Well, take it easy this morning and I will be talking to you soon.

Love you! Congratulations you guys!

Val said...

Happy (belated) Anniversary!! I've never seen you with curly hair--it's so cute. (You are very lucky you can do both.) PF Changs is yummy we should do a double date there sometime!

I saw your sister's comment. Remind me again when your family is coming in town?

emily and nate said...

Yummy, chocolate cake... I am so happy for you guys, you did get quite a catch!!! Love you guys!

Alisa J said...

that cake looks great! isn't being married fun?

Our Family said...

You guys are so great together. That year did go fast! The cake looks yummy!!

Kristy said...

So I just had to tell you that I looked at your blog, aren't you proud!!!!!!!!!! It's cute!