Sunday, August 18, 2013

Introducing Emmy Taylor W.

Remember that baby that my sister was supposed to have 4 days before I had Lincoln?  Well... she arrived one week early, and she could not be any more adorable!

She's a teeny, tiny thing at 6 lbs. 7oz, and only 17 3/4 inches long, has gorgeous dark brown hair, and is an absolute sweetie.  We are already in love with our newest little niece.


Luckily, Lincoln has decided not to follow in his cousin's footsteps and come a week early. We were holding our breath because my doctor, who we love, was out of town until today. Lincoln's apparently a good boy who minds his mommy and enjoys his chocolate shakes. (I've been pep talking him about staying put, and promising him a daily supply of his favorite treat if he just stays in there 'til his due date. I've also explained that the ice cream ends for a looooong time when he comes out. He seems to get it.) We made it through the week, and are now officially due in 6 days. Crazy. Wish us luck! We can't believe it.

Here's my 38 week belly shot.


Morgan said...

Omg I freaked out when I saw this and thought you had your baby. You look beautiful and we're just so excited for you to meet your Lincoln, wish we could meet him too! Good luck and early congrats

Andrea said...

Be careful... I told Emry that very same thing (that she gets lots of ice cream while she was in my tummy but when she came out she got none!!) and I had a really hard time getting her out!! Haha! A week overdue and being induced! Those babies just love the ice cream (can't blame them!)

Kristy said...

Meghan's baby is soooo cute!!! I thought you were posting that you had your baby-I was going to have to hurt you if I found out via blog. Hope to hear good news of baby Lincoln's arrival soon!!!

Doug and Amy said...

Okay, how are you so stinkin' cute at 38 weeks?!? You look amazing! I am way huger at 33.5!

Congrats to Meg and their baby - she's adorable!

Can't wait for your Lincoln to come - I'm excited to meet him!