Friday, September 14, 2012

Meggie Moo comes to play

This is very late in coming, and I promise it has nothing to do with my level of excitement over the event I'm posting about. I had an absolute BLAST when my sister Meg, and brother-in-law Daniel came to visit mid-August. I've just learned something about myself: when I am working full-time, I am totally incapable of keeping up on a few things--namely this blog, cleaning, cooking and emailing. I have to admit, I'm a little torn up about the blogging and emailing. The cleaning and cooking are another matter. :)

ANYWAY... back to Meg's visit.

Who doesn't love having their youngest sis all to themselves for a couple of days of girl-talk, staying up til 2 am (what were we thinking?), going to the zoo to stalk the cute animals, walking Theodore Roosevelt Island, exercising at Ft. Ward (Meg taught me how to spaz jog) and shopping? It was a blast. When Daniel joined us mid-week, we added to the fun with Mt. Vernon, the monuments, a picnic by the tidal basin (holy cow...ANTS in my pants), a tour of the Capitol, the Library of Congress, the Smithsonians, Ford's Theater, the Archives and Old Town. Throw in a lively game of Battle of the Sexes, the Newlywed Game and lots of rounds of cards (where Megan always seemed to win, much to everyone else's chagrin)... and it was a good time in the old town.

So glad you came to town Meggie Moo and Daniella. Tell his company he needs more training at the Westin in Reston, and get back here soon!

(Since this blog is still completely out of storage, all the photos can be found on facebook).