Monday, January 16, 2012

The BIG 3-0 is more fun in the BIG APPLE

So, I realize that I haven't blogged about the holidays yet. Blame it on my mind getting ancient, old and unable to do all the things it once did. Ha ha ha. Decrepit, I tell you what. :) I'll get it done eventually, I promise. But first...

Imagine the scene: Wednesday night. I've spent the day deep cleaning the apartment (finally and ewwww) and am exhausted. I'm vegging on the couch when Brian gets home from work, and goes in to change. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself for the heart-sy, cute-sy, "I-love-you-and-your-hard-week-at-work-will-be-ok" decorating surprise he's just found on the bathroom mirror. Yes, at that moment I'm pretty sure I'm about the best surpriser this world has ever known... yes sir, I may be almost thirty (cringe), but I've still got it... in fact, I'm basically a teenage girl... best surpriser EVER. And then... the usurper emerges from the bedroom. He's holding an envelope, and saying something about, "Happy Birthday!". I'm saying, "But it's not my birthday yet. You really want me to open this now?"

Somewhere in the middle of ripping open the envelope, squealing with delight, and being whisked off to an amazing birthday weekend in NYC, I went ahead and handed over my sash and tiara to the new of Surprise.

He had an adorable "I have a crush on you" card. He had flights departing Friday morning and returning Sunday. He had Wicked tickets. He had a 4 star hotel in Midtown Manhatten. He had plans for shopping sprees. He... had me at "Hello". :)

And the best news? Between Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, gourmet gluten free meals, red velvet cake, designer bag shopping at Century 21 (hello best store and prices ever), finding a birthday outfit at the GIANT Macey's on 34th, walking around town, chilling in Times Square, drooling over the New York vibe of our hotel and the yellow lily bouquets in the lobby (I know they brought them in just for me)... somehow amidst all of that, I was distracted enough to not think about the big 3-0. A birthday miracle. :)

What a birthday. What memories. What a hubbie.


emily said...

Oh my goodness Amber!!!!!!!! That IS the best surprise EVER! What an amazing way to celebrate. So happy you enjoyed your AMAZING big 3-0 in NYC!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristy said...

Brownie point for Brian! Jealous, jealous, jealous!!!! Glad you had tons of fun!

V said...

Wow! That is an incredible birthday. That required so much planning on preparation on his end and he kept it a secret the whole time? Incredible. I'm glad you had a happy birthday dear friend.