Friday, November 18, 2011

Expect the Unexpected

A couple of day's after Brian and I returned from Boston, my mom arrived for her long awaited visit. As is usual with me, I realize looking back that some of the funnest memories came from totally unplanned, unexpected moments. In my life, I truly am beginning to not only expect the unexpected, but to crave the lasting memories and fun that going with the flow brings.

Don't get me wrong. We did plenty of the planned and expected, and loved every minute of it. Long, brisk walks in Fort Ward enjoying the leaves that waited to peak until my mom arrived; walking through neighborhoods in our area enjoying the gorgeous houses; making a planned trip to the National Aquarium so my mom could see the dolphins Londyn adored; shopping at both malls nearby, H&M, and of course, Home Goods; watching a Friday night movie with pizza; being spoiled rotten with delicious dinners out at both nearby gluten free restaurants; munching on candy and goodies galore; FINALLY getting to show my mom the black squirrel that's moved into our apartment woods and is constantly discussed, and much swooned over, via cell on my morning walks; CVS runs, and Magruder trips.... all expected, and all so lovely.

But this trip, I think the most memorable moments came from the unexpected moments:

Seeing my mom as a convict. (Seriously...look at that mischevious little line-up grin. She's loving it! Starting to wonder if she was born for life on the lam) Me and my mom have always been into watching crime shows together, so the Crime and Punishment Museum tickets I got for a steal on Groupon were a blast.

Getting lost on our drive to Harper's Ferry, WV... only to see the most gorgeous color, and beautiful scenery of her whole trip. Or maybe of our lives. We haven't quite decided yet. All three of us were blown away. We borrowed some farmer's fields and fences for a photo op. I'm sure they don't mind. Farmers are nice as a rule, right? :)

Harper's Ferry was breathtaking too, by the way, but we expected that.

Setting up our Christmas tree. Beginning of November. Yes, I went over to the dark "pre-day-after-Thanksgiving" side. It was too tempting to have my mom see it, what with all the ornaments she's shipped over the years. And guess what? I'm LOVING having it up early, and have even snuck in some Christmas music here and there.

Spending a full day washing and waxing my car. Never expected to do this with my mom in town, but with the weather she thought it was a great idea, and we quite enjoyed each other's company while I learned just what a workout a full Turtle Wax can be.

Finding a See's Chocolates in the mall around the corner. NO WAY. Two boxes later...

Seeing hundreds (if not thousands...seriously) of crows migrating right over our heads on an impulsive walk to Safeway. The sun was getting ready to set, the moon was almost full, and it was...magical. For lack of a better word, magical! 15-20 minutes of amazement. It was just one of those moments I think we'll always remember. And now I know why crows are always found in autumn decorations. Never understood this while living in Utah... but now... boy howdy!

Boy do I love my mom and her visits. COME BACK MAMA! I'm not sure I can wait the few weeks til Christmas! :)


Morgan said...

holy crap wade would freak out at all those birds! it is his biggest fear (totally not lying). now can you and your mom come over here and wash/wax my car? Thanks.

Kristy said...

Very fun! I hope that my kids want to have me around as much as you want your mom around. Sounds fun!

V said...

You have such a sweet mom. You two have a lot of fun together.