Friday, August 12, 2011

Mood Boosters

Well, there's good news and there's bad news. The good news is that I'm no longer ticked and that fall is right around the corner! The bad news is that I know fall is on its way because Tink has some new acorn dings. Yep. Acorns. In early August. Ha. At this point, you just have to laugh. I've found a good shop, and Bri assures me we'll have a garage soon. When that day comes, Tink will be going in for a full-blown pampering session and her bum injuries and accessorizing acorn dings will all be good as new. So on that note...

Back to the good news. The good mood magically appeared shortly after my last post. Or maybe it wasn't magic at all. Could've had something to do with this:

But if the stylin', GQ-esque toddler fashion wasn't what did it, I guess it could've been snuggling with a cutie-batootie boy:

Or maybe watching the two most adorable kids ever loving the gifts from Auntie Am and Uncle Bri Bri?

Or maybe I just get a kick out of seeing my 2 favorite little maniacs get that mischievous look in their eyes...

If it wasn't the monkeys, though, I guess it could've been the view from my bed at Bear Lake:

Yep, my summer trip to Utah was much needed and much, much, much enjoyed! Only thing that could've made it better: Brian being there. I think I maybe, kinda, sorta, might have found time to miss him a bit amidst all the camping, and playing and family fun. Maybe. Possibly. dixie camping cup would probably say I definitely did:

I hated to have him absent on yet another Utah trip, but at least he had a good excuse. A long weekend out to South Carolina to visit his family and see our cute niece Sienna's baptism! He enjoyed himself immensely, and was thoroughly entertained by the three little Palmer Princesses... even though I don't have all his pictures to prove it.

(Hmmm... Alisha, Brian's sister in the back, isn't technically the third "little Palmer Princess" I was talking about... but since I'm working with the photos I have, we'll go with it. Ok Princess Alisha? :))

Morale of the story: I think we might be closely related to some of the cutest kids EVER. While this is slightly disturbing (I mean you think it's fair that the bar is set that high? :) We are bound to disappoint someday...), it's mostly just loads and loads of mood boosting fun.


Halee/Tre said...

i ioyrmfnm, v bm kon

Tre wanted to write his aunty Am a message about the cute cute blogs!!!
We miss you Am and can't wait to see you in December!!!

yuyu ytu ygvygv vcy v!

Love you guys tons!!

Loves MUAH MUAH!! 5 XoXoXo Hay & Tre 4x ( Tre put that 4x all by himself:) think it means you are smothered in his kisses!! :)